unlicked padlock for collar to symbolise a sub being unbound

I think it is time to call this done and dusted. We have lost what it was that made us D/s. I am not saying that it is your fault, I am sure I share as much of the blame as you. But it isn’t working anymore. You find my dominance onerous and chafing, while finding the spark that you need to ignite your submission in other people. So I think it is time to release you so that we may both find what we need.

What we have shared has been so precious to me. We have explored so many new things together and learned things that will serve us well for the rest of our lives. But it is time for us to seek new people for the next part of our journey. This doesn’t mean that you will not still be my husband, only that you will not be my sub.

I release you from your freely accepted bondage to me.

I remove your collar and free you from our contract. I am no longer your Mistress and owner.

I unbind you from the rules and restrictions placed upon you.

This will not be an simple change for either of us, we have spent many years living this way and some habits will be hard to break. You will have to get used to being uncollared until you can find someone else to take up that role.

I will need to change as well since calling you “pet” is deeply ingrained into my brain. I say these words with a great deal of sadness, but also with the conviction that continuing on as we have been would damage us in ways that I am not willing to risk.

So, for my last command to you my pet, I want you to kneel before me as I unlock the collar that symbolises what we were and tell you that you are now, unbound.

I love you

2 thoughts on “Unbound

  • This is a sad read but, however hard it is for you both, it seems to be the right thing.

    I hope you are both able to find what you want and need.

  • I am married to my Dom and I can’t imagine what navigating this would be like, in fact the idea of it makes me feel a bit sick so I wish you guys the best of luck with this big change in your life and I hope together you work it out and find a new happy place together


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