The First Time

A True Story

A week ago I had my very first submissive experience at the hands of a true Dom. I had to drive one and a half hours to meet him, and my fear of what might happen as I got nearer kept bubbling up and nearly suffocated me, filling my car with the most delicious feelings of dread and impending doom. We first met outside a fast food restaurant, and I texted him I was too afraid to get out of my car and go inside.
I nearly leapt out of my own skin when a few minutes later without warning he tapped on my car window. That wasn’t the last time he simply took control of the situation! We sat and talked for quite awhile in my car until I became comfortable with him and the soothing sound of his voice and touch of his fingers on mine. I followed him to his farm, the nervousness returning, my hands like two icy claws on the steering wheel.
He would not help me from my car, telling me I had to do this freely. I have been wanting this for a very long time, and that thought alone pushed me up and out of the car, and I blindly followed him across the tall brown grass. I waited outside the back door while he attended to the alarm, thinking, “I could still leave now,” and then he opened the door and very gently took my by the hand inside the dark house.
He showed me where the bathroom was and offered me water. I was shivering uncontrollably and he took me by the shoulders and ran his hands up and down my back, softly, softly, as one would calm a scared kitten. I was gasping and panting from fear… and he was as tender as any lover could possibly be. I expected brutality and received love from a man who had written me that he did not believe in the “l” word.
After several minutes, my breathing and body temperature returned to normal. It was then that Mr. Kink Dom came out to play. He raised my arms above my head and removed my shirt and bra in the darkness of the bedroom. I nearly hyperventilated when he began trailing kisses and bites down my neck, across my collar bones and down my chest. He led me to the bed and pushed me down, reminding me of my safe words.
Mr. Kink Dom adores breast torture, and began his assault on my nipples with clothespins, graduating to clamps of various types. Before too long I was writhing and gasping, asking for the thermostat to be lowered! I did not expect such care and concern for my well-being; truth be told, I wasn’t at all sure what to expect! At all times I felt safe, secure, and protected – cherished, in fact. He eased my jeans off and slowly pulled my panties down, tossing them carelessly across the room. I thought I would spontaneously burst into flames from that simple act alone!
In the dark he took his toys from the toy box and laid them out beside the bed.
“This is a ruler, this is a narrow rod similar to, but less lethal than a cane, and these are floggers, both light and heavy.” He dragged them across my body and I arched up in pleasure. “I believe we’ll save the canes for another time, baby, but you will taste my belt later.”
He slapped my breasts, already sore from the nipple clamps, and I tensed with joy. “Let’s see how still you can be without me tying you down. Keep your hands up, now.”
Oh, such delicious torture to try and hold still! Oh, the delight of not really seeing what was coming next there in the dark! His hands or that narrow vicious acrylic rod? Mr. Kink Dom just loved sliding it through the air attacking my inner thighs, especially if I flinched away from him…
“Turn over,” comes the quiet command after my breasts are very Very sore and my tummy and thighs are stinging. I quickly obey, and his hands run over my back and ass in the softest caresses. Can this be the same man who whispers in my ear, “Turn your head and look at the paddle…?”
The paddle appears to be thin and oval, and he assures me it will not leave a mark. Too bad, I really did want marks! I hear a soft whoosh and the first whack is not too bad. I start to relax, and maybe he can tell, because the intensity picks up. It really wouldn’t be bad if only Mr. KD would not stay in the same exact area! I try to immerse myself in the pain, flow into it, but maybe because it’s the first time, and I am so nervous, so overwhelmed with emotions, I can’t get into that zone the other subs talk about. I will NOT safe word, I can do this, I want this. It is not so bad, and after all I am not crying or even squealing yet. And then suddenly it’s finished and I feel his hands softly caressing me again and I come down from the twitchy-rabbit scared place.
“Sit up, baby, and drink some water,” and I do. We chat awhile about what I like so far, and what he likes. We laugh about how nervous I was (I don’t say ‘still am’ because I want to continue when he asks whether I do.)
When he pushes me back down to the bed again, without warning, he simply walks to the end of the bed and spreads my legs as far apart as they will go. He ties me down tightly, so tight that I am unable to move my legs at all. I am just slightly scared, but I trust him. We play for a few minutes and then I tell him I want him to tie up my arms as well. I think he is pleasantly surprised. Then he blindfolds me. I am totally at his mercy, and the thought thrills me to the very core of my being.
He told me before we met today that there would be no sex – a decision he made because, he said, it would overload my senses, and he wants to concentrate on pain as pleasure only this time. While this does fill me with regret, I am already feeling tired and on sensory overload, so Mr. Kink Dom truly does know best!
“This is the light flogger.” He trails it across my breasts, down my belly, down, down my naked pussy and over my clit. The feeling is simply indescribable as it comes crashing down on me over and over again, the tails dragging slightly. I am moaning now and pulling against the restraints, writhing and twisting in heady agony, and if I stopped to think about it, I would be singing with joy.
There is a slight pause and I catch my breath.

Fire! There is fire burning in my inner thighs! What could it be? It feels narrow and whippy… but he has not shown me anything different. Ooooo. This will be tough. I am arching off the bed immediately, and epithets are out of my mouth as he approaches my soft tender parts. I try to move away, but it is impossible, and I am unable to protect any part from his assault. He pinches my nipples and twists them harshly, and moves on to what must be the ruler. It has a louder smack but hurts much less. He hits every part of my body, even the soles of my feet, which makes my eyes roll back in my head. Oh yes, Mr. KD knows precisely how to play with his toys!
He tries the heavy flogger next, and I am sighing and cooing like a baby just awake from her nap. It is more thuddy than the light one, and I am loving the smell of the leather as it approaches my skin. I can almost sense where the tails will land; it’s like a guessing game and I am the winner every time! I have lost all track of time. I am thirsty and tired but I don’t want to stop.
I feel him undo the restraints very gently and he pulls me up and rubs my back. I reach for my water bottle. “Are you okay, baby? Do you need to stop now?”
I finish the water in about thirty seconds. “No, I was just very thirsty.”
He chuckles quietly. “All that struggling and panting takes it out of you. We can stop whenever you want.”
“No, I want to continue, please.”
He takes the empty water bottle and I find myself face down on the bed, quickly and efficiently restrained again. One wrist is too tight, and I tell him. He fixes it immediately. He reaches down and twists my hair, pulling it hard, yanking my head back sharply. I gasp in surprise. This is so hot! I feel his hands fingering my ass – my cheeks, and underneath to my wet pussy. He laughs.
He spanks me ass hard, over and over, while he grips my hair. I moan and nearly come just from this act alone. I feel what must be his belt next, followed by the paddle, and it is nearly my undoing. Mr. Kink Dom does have a firm hand indeed. I am cursing and muttering, trying to stay in one piece, trying not to break… and the pain is just so intense. How to deal with this? There is no place I can hide, no place I am safe from the blows he continues to rain upon every inch of my backside.

I Will. Not. Safeword! It is my very first time and I so want to be strong, but maybe I am not being a good submissive after all… maybe in submission I need to find the truly submissive one who knows when it’s over and that giving up is not a sign of failure.

And then it IS over, and the ties are undone, and I am so drained that I can’t lift my arms or legs. He pulls the blindfold off and drags a sheet over my shivering body. I feel him lie down next to me, and he is stroking my arm lightly as I drift off to sleep.

I would have liked to stay the night, but real life intrudes. I napped awhile, and we chatted about our play time. I was afraid perhaps I was a disappointment to him, but he was very pleased; more than that, he was thrilled that I enjoyed myself. I drove home with my head spinning, feeling high, trying to make sense of the past four hours. I will be grateful to Mr. Kink Dom as long as I live.

Little One.

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8 thoughts on “The First Time

  • It sounds like your first experience was a wonderful one. Will you be seeing Mr Kink Dom again? Have more experiences?

    Thanks for joining in with Wicked Wednesday 🙂

    Rebel xox

  • My first experience was very similar and just as “heady” as yours seems to have been.

    I hope that you can meet this person again and really start to get to know each other and you will be taken places you never knew existed. I know I did……

    ~Mia~ xx

  • Wow! That is amazing and wonderful and awe-inspiringly beautiful.

    Also, it is very sexy, a wee bit too sexy *fans self and breathes*

    Thank you for sharing.

  • Can I ask you all a question? I am a Dom and I met a submissive recently. She was nervous, so I took it slow and made sure everything I did was OK with her.

    After a couple hours, she made up some excuse and said she had to be up early the next day and had to go. I then walked her to her car and she left abruptly. I went slow and it seemed, as this was her first time, the she was very nervous, and why she left quickly.

    It has been 2 weeks and no contact. Should I tell her I want to she her again, or do you think, by her abrupt exit, that she will not and that it is a lost cause?. Like I said – I made sure she was comfortable with everything we did. Any advise on if I should contact her again would be appreciated. Thx!!

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