The Infamous Ex

Silhouete of man in jail. The ex partner

Last week my mother called. She quietly asked if I was able to speak, which meant was my husband nearby to hear her. He wasn’t so she proceeded to tell me. That day when she opened the mail box, inside was a letter from my ex.

Here’s some background information: I haven’t been with my ex for 10 years. Before that we were on and off again for 4 years. I loved him more than words can express but he was bad news for me. Now, he’s in prison and soon to be released. Now, he’s writing me. (I’m sure all the perfect words to make me melt back into his arms.) He’s writing me after I’ve been married for 7 years, though.

I am so torn on what to do. Part of me still deeply cares for this man. Part of me will always be with him, which is something my mother understands. I know he’s no good for me. I know that hiding this from my husband is wrong but I can’t exactly share it with him when I haven’t even decided what I want to do.

Do I read the letter? Do I write him back? Do I ignore it completely? Do I burn it and hope all of these confused feeling burn with it? If I do this, will I regret not reading his words?

I find this entire situation deeply depressing and feel like I am losing no matter what I decide to do.

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1 thoughts on “The Infamous Ex

  • FWIW, I think your ex is being ‘bad for you’ just by writing to you at this point. Especially if he knows you’re married.

    Is there some wrong/missing with your marriage that is making you even consider your ex?

    Should you also factor in why ex went to prison? Is he dangerous?

    Does your husband know about ex – from before – not this letter? If he does, that should make is slightly easier (it all being relative) to have the conversation with him.

    I hope this doesn’t sound harsh, because I don’t think ill of you. Difficult choices to be made. Do you follow your heart and go with Mr Dangerous who is VerVeryBad for you? Or follow your head more (maybe) and stay with hubby?

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