I am nothing

Empty shell on beach representing unfilled submission in a relationship

I know that my submission means I can’t, or won’t, ask for what I need. The key to that submission is you taking what you need, without that I am nothing.

When I am pushed away, rejected and ignored. When you are doing it because it’s what I want, it becomes meaningless. Without you doing it because you need it, then I am nothing.

We both have busy lives but when that means we have no time for each other, that my desire for you is left unfulfilled, that any passion you had for me is gone. Then I am nothing.

We’ve always agreed that kink is only part of us, that there is more to us than just kink. Yet without it, I am nothing more than a broken empty shell. Without kink, I am nothing.

I need you to communicate your needs to me, I need you to communicate your fears to me. Without understanding you, without knowing you, I am nothing

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