Dear sub person

tailed whipped on tree. Dear sub person

Dear sub person,

The interactions between a Dom and a sub can be complex and complicated things. Yes, I know that you want me to just take what I want and that will make you happy. But is it really as simple as that? You seem to be forgetting that it might be the case that part of what makes me happy is fulfilling your desires and fantasies too. That part of dominance is looking after your sub and that includes knowing your desires. Now it might be that you have no needs of your own and that being used is all you want. But it might be that you dream of being used in a way that I am not aware of. It might even be that part of what excites me about your submission is forcing you to ask for what you want so that I have that information to use you properly.  More importantly as your Dom I need to make sure that I am taking care of you.

Unlike the popular view of Dom we don’t magically know everything you need and without your feedback we don’t know if we are getting things wrong.  Your body language isn’t always enough and your silence certainly isn’t.

So while you might be convinced that asking is beyond what you can do you might consider that never being asked might beyond what I can do.

So might I suggest that you think about how you feel about asking and see if you can make it part of what it is that makes you submissive, and if you can’t, truly can’t, then we can talk about exactly how we can address that. Being Dom is a balancing act where weights are added and taken away at a moments notice. We need your help not to fall off the rope.

This is written in response to the post “I am nothing” I do not know, and am probably not in a relationship with the person that wrote that post. These are merely my thoughts on what was written. I hope the author takes these words in the spirit of open and helpful communication.

Because that is how they are meant.


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