What about love?

Stained and splatter love heart necklace

What about love?

It isn’t real. There is no love. It is just a lie to excuse our behaviour. I know because I have learned that everyone is a selfish cunt. They claim that they love you when all they do is hurt and betray you for their own ends.
Your spouse doesn’t love you, they just use you to feel less alone, just as soon as they see something they want they will take it no matter the betrayal. Your children don’t love you they simply mimic what they have heard and parrot it back. They quickly learn that they are more likely to get what they want by telling you what you want to hear.
I know that each of you are reading this thinking that I am wrong. That you love other people and they love you. Bollocks.You are are lying to yourself. No one cares if you live or die and the moment the choice comes down to what you want versus what they want you will choose yourself. You might delay it for a while to appear virtuous or you might hide what you are doing to “spare their feelings” but in the end you will toss them over. I’m not playing any more. I am going to admit what it real and stop pretending that it matters to anyone else what happens to me. From now own I will do whatever it takes to get the things that I need and fuck anyone who stands in my way. I am done with pretending to put anyone else first. So fuck love and all the nonsense and guilt and pressurisation that comes with it. Most of all fuck you to anyone who has said I love you.

3 thoughts on “What about love?

  • Ouch. I am not sure what to say except this hurts to read and must have hurt to write and feel. I believe in love. I extend myself in hope and belief that this dark place will not be where you live forever.

  • ‘Ouch’ is correct, the TRUTH almost always hurts in the beginning. To the writer of ‘What about Love?’ You are correct, when it is broken down there simply is no love.

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