Giving in

Stone on beach

All of life is a struggle against the darkness, fighting for those moments of joy and happiness that make it worth dealing with the pain that others cause you. Each hurt a stone that you carry with you. Until the weight is too much overcoming the joy and you find yourself giving in to the darkness.

It is my time.

6 thoughts on “Giving in

  • I have been here, It feels suffocating. It feels like the only answer to stop the unending pain. You have to be braver then the pain. Because maybe tomorrow or the week after or even in a month, something will shine a ray of light into the darkness. The struggle to survive in our darkest times is what makes us all human, it also strips away the word stranger. So , SInce you were so incredibly brave to post this, please understand that if you reach out and express your pain, someone will listen. I will listen, Molly will, Many people will. Don’t let another’s actions rob you of your light or life.

    Newt [email protected]

  • You are not alone. I’ve been where you are and it is a dark, scary, horrible place that I wouldn’t wish on anybody. Stare straight back at that monster, right in its eyes and tell it it won’t beat you. Then reach out to someone, anyone and find some support, getting support is not a weakness it takes strength to admit that. Don’t believe it when it tells you nobody cares because we do, you will burden nobody by reaching out and talking to them.

  • I want to hug you so badly. You have taken the first very brave step in reaching out by posting here. Please, please talk to someone about how you’re feeling. Wishing you much love and strength. Jane xxx

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