I Came Here Looking …

Silhouette of man stanind on rocks
I came here looking …

I came here a person with needs. I found my writing opened doors. I tried to walk through those doors, but many were shut for a variety of reasons. In all honesty, the early days were rather fascinating, the people I met, the conversations I incurred, the dazzling realities of the many bloggers that shared their time with me.

Yet, there is a door I have tried to walk through that remains closed. I pushed upon the hinges, and weakened the relationships I had with people on the other side. They themselves then reinforced that door to protect themselves. I didn’t understand, so I occasionally knocked on the door far too long.

I decided to feng shui my room and searched long and hard for a new identity. I became comfortable with my surroundings, and when I returned to the door, I discovered a great deal of reality on the other side when I was given a pass key. I discovered my skeletons had to be left on the other side, in my own space, but those demons are so clingy. I continue to struggle to find a balance.

The reality –

I want to sext with someone, and maintain my own real-time life. I suppose I wish to have an affair, yet I don’t want that to start at my workplace or a local bar, or a sideways glance on the highway, or my fitness center. I want to sext with someone, don’t know if that will ever occur, but remain hopeful.

I am a good person. I don’t wish to hurt anyone, ever, at all. I am a very horny person. I am delighted in the anonymity of my disclosure. I will say this – those that know I hope you understand, those I have caused discomfort, I am truly sorry from the bottom of my heart. Adding more pain to your reality has never been a goal of mine.

Thanks for listening

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