I am who I am

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I am who I am

I’m not slim, I don’t have amazing legs, I don’t have long silky locks, I don’t have a perfect pair of perky boobs.  But do you know what?  I have me, I have my children, I have my health and I have lived my life to the full.

I do not judge others and I know it is naive to think others shouldn’t judge me but they do.

They don’t see the emotional scars that I bare from an abusive marriage.  They don’t see the pain I went through, to who I am today.  They don’t see my scars from operations and they sure as hell don’t see me, for who I truly am.  But that’s OK, I know what I endured to get here today.  I have those memories of bad times, locked safely away in my mind, for the good ones to over run them.

I always cuddle my two boys at night, close my eyes and feel the love that radiates all around us.  My children will never know what I had been put through and they never will.  I will shade them from harm and give them a life full of laughter and love.

But for that one person, who looks at me and judges me, as a BBW and has no clue, as to who I am….Shame on you!

Today, I stand tall, I stand proud and I will always remember that I am alive and will never waste another minute on those who pull you down.

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