Where to start,

Its been a month since we last spoke, when I say spoke it was more a tirade of abusive messages aimed at me.

I won’t lie, I never have lied, though I’ve been accused many times by this person, yet anyone who had seen our relationship go on and off and on and off over the many months I was fighting to have a relationship, while they, the moment things got difficult went willingly back to an abusive relationship and told anyone who would care to listen lies about not being with anyone and never being asked to be anything to anyone.

I just wanted to love someone I believe is a special, beautiful person, I’m not sure that they ever believed me when I told them I loved them, encouraging them to be who, and do what, they wanted. I hoped they would love me too, but apparently not, even though they told me they did and that they would be completely loyal, they were able to turn on me so easily.

Staying up till the wee small hours, nursing insecurities, soothing fears, making that special person smile and laugh, I was happy to do it, and I did do it frequently, often to the detriment of my own health.

This isnt even half the story, but I guess people just don’t care, if they did, they’d ask.

I only wanted to be with them, and I wanted them to be with me. But they didn’t want that and I’m left broken.


3 thoughts on “Broken

  • Sounds as if that person was scared of the freedom. If you want them
    back, youre going to have to accept that abuse was a big part of life before and it will take time to realise not everyone is like that.

    Keep being a good person and maybe they will take notice and realise youre worth the risk. Youll be ok.

  • It sounds as though the person you are talking about is not able to have a relationship and no matter how much you pour into it, it takes to to make it work. Please focus on looking after yourself and have patience for the future. I wish you all the luck you need.

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