Janice’s Eyes – Part 4

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I turned Louisa around to face our guest, and put my left arm around her breasts, grabbing her right shoulder. Her arms fell to her sides. She didn’t appear to be scared, she appeared to be relaxed. Her heart was thumping. I could feel it through her body, into mine. Janice got up and walked the three paces over to us very quickly.

‘Can you hold her a different way? I want to be able to see her.’

I’ve got big hands, and Louisa’s wrists are very thin. In the past, during sex, I often felt as if they would snap. Now, I had no such concerns, pulling her hands behind her, capturing her wrists tightly by her waist, so that she was immobile.

Janice stepped back slightly, before slapping Louisa very hard across the left cheek. Louisa gasped. I thought my cock was going to push its way through my shorts and pants. I hadn’t felt like this in a long time – if ever. Janice slowly and softly kissed her on the lips.

‘Don’t crowd people, they don’t like it’, she said, softly, before reaching out and caressing Louisa’s left breast. Louisa squirmed.


I unzipped the back of her halter top, and it bowed open.

‘Take the halter off’ ordered Janice. I complied. The dress fell to the floor. Louisa, in black strapless bra, black thong (with that ridiculous pink bow),  and high heeled shoes.

Janice hiked the bottom of her dress up, and gently took Louisa’s feet one at a time, clearing the dress away, then stood back once more. Louisa’s beautiful breasts were heaving.

Janice reached around Louisa, and unhitched her bra. It fell, and her breasts escaped provocatively, nipples becoming erect. Janice rubbed and tweaked them until they were fully erect, never once taking her eyes off of our captive’s. Then she bent slightly, and began kissing them gently. I shifted position, put both wrists in one hand and slipped my left hand around her, and into her thong. She was already wet, and she opened her legs a little. I slipped my hand further down, bending over her shoulder and nibbling the patch of skin behind her ear that she loved so much. She caught her breath. Janice was soon back, kissing her on the mouth gently, before looking at me. Was this the kiss? Was I now to be rewarded? Not so lucky:

‘Get your hand out of there, it’s mine.’ The teacher was back and I complied quickly.

There was another rustle as Janice fell to her knees, and pulled the thong off, again using her hands to clear the item from her shoes, before slipping her left shoe off, and placed Louisa’s left foot on her shoulder. Then she went to work on her clit.


Louisa was bucking and thrusting within seconds, trying to flail her arms, but I held tight. I glanced down, and Janice had pulled her own dress up. With spread legs, she was obviously rubbing herself through her panty hose. The fact that I couldn’t quite see anything, only her wrist rhythmically pumping, made it even more exciting.

Louisa was beginning to buckle at the knees, and within seconds, Janice was back on her feet.

‘She’s going to squirt soon’ she said, dispassionately, like a doctor predicting the onset of a cold. She was even talking to me, but looking at her patient. Louisa’s gasps were coming quicker and quicker.


Janice picked up her chin:

‘Do you like that?’

No answer – just panting. Now Janice was more controlling, urgent in her question, more force in it.

‘Do you like that?’

‘YES!’ Louisa managed, before squirting, coming and moaning, almost all at the same time. She was a living spasm in my grip, and fell against me. I hit the desk with my butt.

‘Now’ Janice said, moving back away from her ‘Fuck her, John.’ My cock was finally released, and I immediately turned Louisa around, hands on the desk, lifted up her shoeless leg, and plunged into her. She felt as if she was turning to warm, mushy liquid, but gripped on to me from the inside. I told her I loved her, and she nodded. I slapped her ass, and she asked me to do it again. I did.


I turned around and Janice was still standing next to me, peering down at Louisa. She grabbed a handful of hair, and pulled it back harshly.

‘Are you a little slut?’  She demanded, inches from Louisa’s face.

‘Yes’ came the halting reply, and her thrusts onto me were coming faster and faster.

‘And do you want my pussy?’ More gentle this time.

Louisa tried to speak, but just nodded. Janice turned to the bed behind us, and I heard the rustle of clothes.

‘Bring her over here’ I heard. What? I hadn’t finished, but Louisa had already started to move. I pulled out.


Janice had pulled her dress up, and her pantyhose and panties were on the floor. Her thighs were bigger than I had guessed, beautifully pear-shaped, and her thin, whispy pubic hair barely covered her cunt.

‘It’s not just the cabin.’ said Janice, smiling. I realized that I was still huge, and

Louisa was half-way to her, Janice was pulling her own breasts out of whatever held them in under her thinly-strapped dress, and they poked up, nipples up like the proverbial puppies sniffing the air from inside a basket. Louisa fell on the bed, and went straight for her pussy, fingers and tongue first. Her ass was in the air, and it was the sexiest thing I had ever seen. I kneeled behind her, entering her again. Still the same feeling. I looked at Janice, playing with her own nipples.

‘Do you like that, John’?

‘Yes’ I replied. ‘I like looking at you while my love eats your pussy.’

‘I’m going to come, soon’, she said ‘I want you to watch me while I do.’

It was a simple request, so I did. She spoke almost non-stop. There, not there, do this, do that with your finger, told Louisa how cute she looked. She asked me if I wanted to fuck her, and I said I did. Remarkably, I hadn’t even started to come, yet. Perhaps just enough alcohol, testosterone, energy, and erotic charge to hold me back. When Janice finally came, she closed her eyes, said ‘Yes’, reassuringly a few times, arched her back, and shouted:

‘YES, lick my pussy.’ Then moaned, and closed her wonderful eyes shut.

Louisa came for a second time shortly afterward, on one elbow, looking at me, with Janice frigging her clit, and her own fingers gently teasing Janice’s hole.

We all needed to smoke.

Janice undressed, while Louisa undressed me, slowly, and caressed my cock. There was only water left, and we guzzled it out of a five liter container. We spoke, we laughed, we are all friends. It could have been a regular drink at the local, except that we were all naked, and I was getting hard again.


Suddenly, it turned serious once more.

Janice: ‘Louisa, that cock looks great. I want to suck it’

‘Carry on.’

Janice slipped past me on to the bed, and I fed her my cock from my knees. Louisa broke out the vibrator, and stayed at the foot of the bed, playing with herself, and giving a dirty commentary of what she wanted to see, was seeing, and passing on encouragement. Janice was fingering herself once again. Then the free for all really started.


Janice came with me in her cunt holding her legs wide, with Louisa sitting on her face, kissing me and telling me how much she loved me. Louisa came again in the shower with me pinning her against the wall, and Janice sitting on the toilet, with one leg over the sink, playing with herself, and soaping my balls with her other hand. The language from all of us was pure porn movie. We all took turns to be in charge, and I have never seen my love act that way. Slapping Janice’s tits, while Janice again finger fucked her, asking

‘Who’s the fucking slut, now?’


Finally, when I could hold back no longer, Louisa tugged my dick aimed over Janice’s face. I wanted to come over those glasses, so that I could watch her eyes, watching me coming over her…and I did.


Eventually, we crashed for a while, before Janice kissed us both tenderly, dressed, and left. Just before sleep kidnapped us, I asked ‘What did you two talk about in the disco?’

‘Just stuff’ Louisa said, obviously evading the truth.

‘I can’t believe you talked her into sharing us.’

‘John, I didn’t talk her into anything, and your name never came up.’

I laughed out loud. I had given all of the credit to Louisa, when the other girl was the one that made the pass.

‘You were right about her eyes. Very sexy.’

We fell into a deep sleep, holding each other as if it meant life and death.

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