Janice’s Eyes – Part 2

You can read part 1 of this story HERE


Suddenly, Louisa announced that she was leaving.

‘Please excuse me, Janice, I’m dying for a smoke, I’m going to the smoking section over there, and I’ll be right back.’

I panicked at the thought of keeping Janice interested on my own, but again, Janice saved me:

‘Oh, sure’ Janice was dismissive, and then added ‘Actually, I don’t usually smoke, but I could have one as I’m drinking. Do you mind if I come, too.’

‘Ooh.’ Louisa’s eyes widened as she went over the top on the sound.’ Of course, I don’t mind if you come.’ She turned to me ‘Looks like you are looking after the drinks.’ That was an order not to interfere, and I took it as such.

‘Yes Ma’am’, I adopted a Southern States accent.

‘Good for you, Louisa’, Janice purred ‘I love a man that takes orders.’

Mr. Cock stirred inside my shorts, and didn’t subside as they both moved off arm in arm across the crowded bar. I struck up another conversation with a retired lawyer from Maryland and his wizened, overly made up wife. A woman whose eyes peered out as if looking for a youth that used to be here, but now was lost. Eye make-up designed to replicate what the two women I was just talking to had in natural abundance.


I don’t know what happened between the two of them, I could see some conversation taking place, taking turns to speak into each other’s ear under the music, smoking and almost touching there crossed knees – almost. Ocassioanlly Louisa flashed those doe-eyes in my direction, but they were definitely being ‘alone together’. I still had half-an-ear on the Maryland lawyer’s tour report of the day. It wasn’t a positive one. I was still semi-hard, and feeling somewhat uncomfortable about being excited through a passenger complaint.


Both returned at the same time, as thick as thieves and almost giggly, and we were soon back into the swing of the conversation. Abruptly, Louisa said:

‘Isn’t it about time you were off decks?’

I was thunderstruck. What a double-cross. Janice looked at me as if I had done something unforgivable; a naughty pupil to the teacher she actually was in real life.

Louisa said: ‘I’ll be there soon, leave the door open.’ This had happened before, and I wasn’t happy about being made to feel foolish again, waiting for her in vain to show up. A last second thought swam to the surface as I was about to embarrass myself by replying defensively. Perhaps she thought I had had enough to drink, that she was going to make excuses to Janice and leave, and wanted to get me out of the public eye as soon as possible. I grasped onto the possibility like a drowning man does to a piece of flotsam.

‘Yes, I guess you are right. See you tomorrow, Janice.’ I pointedly ignored Louisa so that she knew I was a little upset and stomped out of the disco, scowling.


I threw myself into the desk chair in my cabin like crumpled laundry. I didn’t take my tuxedo off, because Louisa preferred it when I was fully clothed and she was naked, and I had become accustomed to waiting up, smoking, fully dressed. I did get up to make myself a drink, and exchanged the main lights for the wall sconces, but stayed where I was for about 15 minutes before deciding to go to bed. The door was on the latch, and I was taking my jacket off when Janice walked in.

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