It is very difficult, sometimes, to be a non-monogamous woman in a wonderful, but monogamous relationship…. such a deliciously naughty conversation I’ve had today. I want more. More of the conversation, more of the possibility and I know, when the time comes… I’m going to want more of him.

4 thoughts on “*sigh*

  • I’m on the opposite side of that. I’m always the fall for the taken ones.. Going through it bad, bad, bad right now..

  • I can completely relate to this. I am poly at heart, married to a wonderful monogamous man. If you ever need to vent, feel free to hit me up on twitter. X

  • I’m in a very wonderful monogamous relationship, starting to explore non-monogamy. I have naughty conversations often and I really love them. Fortunately my better half is OK with the exploration. We’ll see where it goes.

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