Eroticon 2013

I am so hugely excited!

I have just bought my Eroticon 2013 tickets…. The only problem is I havent told my husband yet. Although this might not seem like a problem he did not allow me to attend this year’ Eroticon after he found out what it was, more like that all my sexiest twitter friends would be there… trust issues.

It coincided with the closure of my twitter account and the (temporary) loss of friends before I came back, although not the uber slutty submissive I once was.

It also coincided with the ending of our D/s relationship. We still have the occasional play time, you know once a pain slut always a pain slut, however he has no interest in learning or in taking bettering himself as a Dom and I didn’t feel that it was helping our relationship, I felt it was simply him being a bully rather than a Dominant.

Things have been good and bad ever since. I have almost left twice. I have cried a lot. I have leant upon twitter friends who have been so brilliantly supportive (who I was also banned from following / talking to for a while).

I needed a place to be me so I began a new twitter account and blog, he found it.

I have explained to him that I enjoy having you all as friends. I refused to delete another account. I am still here and I have grown. I have a new blog and a new creative streak as a wannabe erotic writer, rather than sinful slut, so far so good, he seems ok with it.

And next year I WILL be at Eroticon,

Cant… Bloody… Wait!!!

J’ve just got to find the right time to tell him…

When is steak and blow job night again? 😉

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