A message came today filled with instructions.


Today, you are to complete all of the following:

1. Take a long, relaxing bath. Edge 3 times while in the hot, scented water. Remember what you think about when you do. I want to know.
2. After drying off, use your silver bullet to bring yourself to orgasm. Laying on your back on the bed, put the bullet on your clit, use whichever setting you like, bend your legs at the knees and close them. Hold them closed until you orgasm. Take all the time you need to reach the first orgasm. Try not to use your hands.
3. Once you reach orgasm, continue holding the bullet on your clit through your orgasm and for a full minute after. If your knees come apart or you fail and remove the bullet, go to number 4. If you succeed, write the details in your diary for me.
4. If you failed to keep the bullet on your clit through your orgasm and for one minute after, you are to go get My belt and spank the top of each thigh once for failing to complete the task as directed. Spank yourself with the same intensity that I would if I were wielding the belt. Remember your thoughts, I will want to hear them.
5. Then, place the bullet back on your clit, close your legs and wrap the belt tightly around your thighs. Bring yourself to orgasm again, using the most intense setting on the bullet to achieve this. Once you reach the orgasm, leave the bullet in place through the orgasm and for two full minutes after. If you fail again, repeat steps 4 and 5, adding one minute each time, until you succeed or until you safeword out. Once you succeed or safeword, detail the experience for me in your diary.

I am waiting.

~ Sir

I smiled and sipped my coffee in happy anticipation.

Diary Entry:

Pouring the sweetly scented bath oil into the steaming water, Your words played over and over in my mind. Slipping into the heated water up to my neck, I slid my hands below the bubbles and gently stroked the outer lips of my pussy. I could feel it begin to swell with hunger. I slipped my finger into the smooth slit, parting the lips just a little and felt the hot rush of water on my most tender places. The edge came quickly. It took a few minutes to recover after stilling my hands.

I stood to shave my legs. Using the silky body wash as shaving cream, my fingers slippery with it, I slid my fingers over my clit again. With one foot on the edge of the tub and one in the water, my fingers slid in long, slow strokes from my clit slowly down and sliding across my hungering hole and teasing the tight pucker of my ass and back up again. Closing my eyes, I could almost feel Your chest in front of me, Your fingers exploring that wet, slick path of lust as I clung tightly to You. I could hear Your voice in my ears and feel Your teeth graze my neck. The thoughts, possibly more than the movement of my hands, brought the edge within just a few strokes.

I finished shaving quickly, my legs trembling. Sitting back down in the tub, I applied the shampoo to my hair and closing my eyes… felt Your solid form behind me, Your strong legs around me and your hands in my hair, massaging the shampoo into a lather, suddenly gripping a fistful close to my scalp and pulling my head back and I feel Your mouth cover mine… powerful, possessive, heated. I felt my body race to the edge without so much as a touch. Quickly I opened my eyes and shook the images from my head before they could push me over.

It was supposed to be a long, relaxing bath but I was so worked up all I wanted was to get to the orgasm part of the task. I finished washing my hair and soaped up my body, feeling my hips strain a little against my hands as I ran the washcloth over my sex. I rinsed, got out and dried off (mostly), got my favorite bullet out of the toybox and laid down as instructed. I spent a little time gently stroking my skin, flicking my nipples and lightly spanking my pussy lips. When I could wait no more, I slid the smooth cool bullet onto my clit, found the spot, and closed my legs tightly together.

My hands were fisted at my sides and as the vibrations of the bullet drew me into my own little world of sensation, I could feel Your fingers wrapped tightly around my wrists, holding me down as my hips began to buck lightly trying to keep the bullet on the spot. I could see Your face above me as Your eyes drifted lustily over my body… watching it’s reaction to the little vibrator tucked tightly between my legs. I felt the brink of the orgasm and held my body still allowing the vibrations to send me crashing over the edge. I glanced quickly at the clock on the nightstand as my body bucked violently against the vibrations that continued to press against my now very sensitive clit. I tried had to keep my knees together as the torment continued. My clit, like most – I’m sure, becomes ultra sensitive after an orgasm, a clitoral one and the vibrations were so intense against it that even the ghost feel of Your hands holding my wrists to keep me still could not keep my knees together and while the vibrator did not come off my clit, my knees did come apart and the vibrations settled on a less sensitive area.

I failed. Damnit. I turned the little vibrator off and went to get the thick leather belt I had purchased for You. Settling back on the bed, my knees pulled up I strike first the left leg then the right, watching the bright red marks rise and welt. I turn the little vibrator back on, dip it into the slick wetness of my pussy and slide it back over my clit. My body tensed at the vibrations and I quickly found the spot, pressing the bullet there, I closed my legs tightly over it and wrapped the belt around my thighs, securing it with the special hole added just for this purpose. I could see Your smile on the backs of my eyelids and feel Your hands tighten around my wrists, pressing them to my chest between my naked breasts. As I closed my eyes and gave myself over to the sensations again, it was Your hand holding the vibe in place, not the belt and my closed legs. I could feel the pressure of Your strength as You held me down when my body began to respond violently to the pressing vibrations. I screamed mightily against the panties I had stuffed into my mouth.

The vibrations intensified and I could feel the edge again. Holding my hands tightly to my chest, the belt did a good job of holding my legs together and keeping the bullet in it’s place as the orgasm ripped through me. My overly sensitive clit transferred every vibration up through my entire body. I writhed and bucked, watching the clock, willing the minutes to pass quickly. I felt swallowed by a non-stop orgasm. I have never even tried to leave a vibrator on my clit through and past my orgasm as the sensitivity makes the sensations almost overwhelming. The orgasm didn’t stop… it only ebbed in intenisty and then swelled back up depending on where my bucking body caused the vibrations to settle. I screamed and cried out, overwhelmed with the sensations I couldn’t get away from. I felt myself cum wetly onto the sheets, a puddle forming beneath me. Muscles tightened and clenched, my pussy spasming, begging to be filled. Just as I thought I couldn’t take it anymore, my hands flew to the belt, ready to remove it, to remove the pressure on the little vibrating devil. Just as I felt the leather against my fingertips, the minute changed and the task was complete.

I quickly removed the belt and stilled the little vibrator. I lay for long moments, breathless, quaking and spent. With my eyes closed, I could smell the scent of You in the air around me and feel Your careful, gentle stroking of my skin. As my body calmed and my breath slowed, my thoughts were filled with You and the longing became an ache, and the desire a torture.


Lovely story, isn’t it? Sadly, it’s not entirely true. But then, not entirely imagined either. I actually carried through the task as described in the diary entry and, I would have given just about anything for those directions to have actually come from another person (which they didn’t). I would have loved to have been tasked in this way by a strong Dominant man, to have him read of my failure and the effect He would have on me, to hear His response to the writing, to have Him demand photos or videos of the task. But it is not my lot in life at this moment to have such a person so I will dream and I will write and I will wait… as patiently as I can for the timing to be right.

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