Fifty shades of ..blah..

No I haven’t read the book nor do I want to..

For a start the extract I saw online I just thought “how the fuck is this a erotic story!?” It’s boring! There’s no UMPH or REAL LIFE! Hell I’m in my early 20s I read my first erotica at 17. Vivia now THAT was mainly a vampiric story but that held my interest more than this.. I’ve since read many many erotic stories and they are sultry, hot and real life and demanding you’re every last breath to the point you’re left feeling like you’re the used little slut….sighs happily

The reason I will not read it is because the author has no clue of what it is to be in an S&M relationship and is ashamed of her story and to me it’s a basic rip off of Twilight but with more sex and bondage.  I want a gripping story a story that turns me on, but has passion and life in it and a good researcher not some “I think I know it all” mother who has no clue.

I’m sorry if you like the story but if you really want to enjoy erotica then go and read one of dear Mollys post or many other erotica that are available online. I’m a virgin, a woman whose only experience of sex is her own and she has plenty of this 😉 but even I know the difference… Erotica is meant to feed the body.. is meant to be enjoyed.. but to me it’s all hyped up by a good looking male and a woman who is frightened by the fact that her boyfriend/husband/lover turns her on by tying her up.

How the fuck is that real!? the whole point of BDSM is a sharing loving relationship. It’s like a normal typical “vanilla” love life… So please believe me.. it’s soo not worth your time!


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