I am a patriot to the human race…

I rant every now and then about the big issues. The ones that bother me. The ones that really push me over, and make me want to do violent, unthinkable things to people.
But every once in a while, I just want to rant without divulging my identity. To lay all the cards on the table. Without fearing that someone will bring their guns to bear on me because I offended them.This is a cold, dark world. Where everyone walking side by side is a different human being, with a different life, and a different view of the world. It sickens me to know that every day in the world, corruption and avarice win out over dedication and honor. Businesses make dirty deals, the big fish eats the little fish just out of spite. Politicians lie, cheat, steal from the people, and the people let them.

The world is a gross, and unseemly place at times. The horrors of life used to be regulated by god and the churches. Monsters and deities were created to explain or deny certain bleak aspects of life. Whatever remarkable event you believe occurred to bring humans this incredibly deep sense of self, it must have been an utterly stunning blow to the world. I believe in the human spirit. I know it exists. And to be born as a thinking, learning, REMEMBERING creature in a place where every day is a new pain, every moment of survival a racking experience, there is nothing better than faith to hold on to.

Most religions mark suicide as either an honor reserved explicitly for those who have done amazing things, or as a thing so horrible that it damns you eternally to some fate undeniably worse than this one. And it is both a tribute to human spirit, and a sad aspect of life that most people have no trouble believing that everything could get worse. This all came about – I think – because if the world had have been forced through the Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Christian Empirical epochs without some horrifying stigma attached to taking your own life, it would have been the trendiest thing to do.

Somehow we lost a lot of that edge in this era, and hundreds of people a year take their own lives in horror or defeat at what the world has presented them. Life has always, always been hard. And courage has not always been enough to sustain us. Faith, pride, religion. Arts, sciences, education. The driving desire to be more, to make more, to live up to the remarkable standard that will enter you unto the gardens and leave you a thousand virgins. Whatever it is, people throughout history have had this to hold on to. and no matter who questions god, there is no doubt in my mind that god exists to the person holding his hand. Because truly, he guides them through life, wards them from evil, and shepherds them through the tenements of their own chosen beliefs. I can’t fault that sort of benevolence.

However, as with all things, interpretation is a simple matter of human error.

The crusades. Spanish inquisition. The Holocaust. Countless genocides, tales of horror and destruction. Oppression, repression, depression. The Mongolian Hoards, the Hungarian invasions, the Gaelic conquests. The outright slaughter of the indigenous people of “the Land”. Kanada means “The Village.” in a tongue long dead, with the last of its people. Blankets laced with plague were given away to native Americans to thin their people and make them easier to conquer. African people have been held in thrall for centuries. Nelson Mandela is called a terrorist for a peaceful resurgence vying for freedom, while Central America is consistently wracked by civil war, with no end in sight. Catholics and Protestants war in shadow in Ireland. Belief is a powerful motivator.

But truly, the most strikingly heartwarming thing I have seen in the world today is that  – while every day I pass a hundred bigoted, racist, closed-minded peons in the street – the peace is kept.

Most of you don’t know this, but someone you know is a Bigot. Someone you know is a Racist. Someone out there in your group of comrades is a jew-hating faggot-beater, a chink-bashing woman-hater. A kike-killing, nigger-beating, gay-slaying son of a bitch. Yep. Someone you know is a bigot.

And they don’t talk about it. Or they talk about it quietly. Or when they talk about it, they really don’t say anything too horrible. But they feel it. They think that men shouldn’t be corn-holing one another. That a true god doesn’t give you virgins when you die. That a woman’s place is in the kitchen with babies falling out of her skirts.

They exist and walk today. As inconceivable as it is, there are people out there that think that the slow roasting of a thousand Jews should be Saturday night entertainment, or that beating up Muslims and middle-easterners is probably the best way to assure themselves a keen spot in the afterlife.

There’s a bit in the bible that says “You shall hold no other idols before me.” this is further expressed in the second commandment, which says you may not worship false avatars. It doesn’t say on a single page in their book, that I’m aware of anyway, that god wants you to kill a bunch of people because of their skin color, or to slay a million people for not believing in the Virgin Mary as an idol of worship.

I don’t think it tells you to kill ANYONE. It’s a sin. But it was appended to the Jewish texts. And I’m pretty sure there’s always been factions of people in Muslim faith who think killing infidels is a good idea.

Ya know, just like the Crusaders did. And the Inquisitors.

Nothing in life makes me want to hurt people more, to slowly peel away their skin layer by sensitive layer with a fine razor – until it cracks and leathers more and more as the nerves curl in on themselves – than to hear some racist, closed-minded, hateful sack of shit spew their maggoty, vile, untruthful hatred across the world.

Vicious, hateful, petty, small, horrible human beings, taking their own will and forcefully exuding it on another human being. What right have you to say that only your way is truth? By what means do you reconcile yourself to the idea that because you are white, you are more pure as a human being

Or that because you’re Asian, anyone else in the world is a peasant beneath your notice? Or that everyone who looks at you is calling you a nigger and is automatically thinking of you as a slave? You’re all bigots in different ways, but it boils down to the same thing:

Shut the Fuck Up.

You have no right to be this creature. You are born, as is every single other human being, of the body of woman, given life by a father. You come into this world naked, human, bare of all but the skin you’re in, wailing your birth-peal for creation to hear. Where you go from there is utterly dependent on you.

You are not God. You are not Allah. You are not Samedi, you are not Azrael, Lucifer, Samael, you are not the All-Father, the Maker, the One. You are not right. You may not judge.

There are limits to human action. Things you cannot do because they cause harm. Murder is inexcusable. You are not within your rights at any stage of you human experience to be responsible enough to take a life. Forcing your carnal body on another unwilling being in violence or lust is also inexcusable.

You have no right to take away the sanctity of themselves. This is what your gods tell you is holy. With every single new birth, you are made in the image of his perfection. You are Gods own children. You are Allah’s perfect beings. You are the chosen child, you are the goddesses gift to the earth. Every person born is this creature. In no way are you within your rights to defile another person with your tainted sense of self. It’s WRONG.

But all the same, you are in no rightful way able to command them. They are not your thralls, and you are not responsible enough to make demands of their lives to suit your own tastes. I know people who think it isn’t right for a man and a man to be together in a loving relationship. To them I ask; What’s it to you motherfucker? Their dick is not in your ass. If it’s so utterly wrong, they will suffer for it, but it should not be by your hands. You are by no means pure enough, or right enough to enact justice on anyone. Filth.

There are places in north America where “Sodomy” is illegal. That means that by singular definition, the churches will hold sway over every citizen in a certain area. That should not be. The church and state are not one.

For those who don’t know, sodomy is a term derived of a biblical city where the people fell into carnal debauchery. The legal term means “any sexual encounter that may not result in impregnation.”

Jacking off. Blowjobs. Anal Sex. Blowing your load on your slave’s tummy. Pulling out. All of this and more is illegal where sodomy is banned. Some people might think that’s just dandy. Particularly if that’s their faith. But I would like to remind you that that’s YOU. You are utterly entitled to your beliefs, and I will stand by your practices of them until a point when they do damage to the inviolable vessel of an innocent. But you have no right, no god given prerogative to force this on any single other human being. You are wrong.

If someone else is wrong, and your god is displeased with them, the shall be punished by his/her/it’s whims. NOT YOURS. You are not god. God is above you, and gods law is greater than yours. You are not his scourge, you are not his bloodhound. You have no right to make yourself someone else’s god. I spit.

In closing, I’d like to totally simplify the previous standing tired minded angry, angry rant.

If you are a BIGOT, I hate you. If you are a RACIST, I hate you. If you are an intolerant, closed-minded megalomaniac, I HATE YOU.

Remember those words. Because anyone I ever meet who tries to force someone else to conform to their way of life, simply on the basis that they can’t possibly be anything but right is automatically wrong. Live your own life. If you aren’t gay, don’t be gay. If you aren’t Jewish, don’t be Jewish. If you aren’t black, don’t be black. That’s easy if you’re white, yellow, red, brown, or any of the other hues making this world so valuable.

Don’t hate people’s differences. And don’t presume to judge. It is not your place.

There is one thing I am proud of here. I almost forgot this in my enthusiastic tirade.

I am proud of the fact that one of the reasons there is as much order in the world as there is – with so many hateful, spiteful people walking together unknowingly standing next to their mythically inspired foe – is that one of the greatest intolerance, the one of which I am guilty – and proud to be guilty of mind you – is the intolerance for this hateful bullshit.

It is good to know that in a world where one man will make the amazingly stupid blunder of calling someone a kike in any tones louder than in their head behind closed doors, there are usually good and decent people on hand to turn and viciously sear them with unrelenting ire and pure outrage.

There ARE good people. There are gatherings of retards like the KKK and White Pride, Neo-Nazis and their equivalents throughout the races. And in such gatherings, they can do damage. Through terror and numbers, anyone who MIGHT have been a sympathetic, decent person is excommunicated or worse.

That is where the power of hatred lies. Evil is always best accomplished through the means of subversion and sneakiness. But I would like to hope, and to think, that despite the overwhelming number of flawed, hateful people, who hold beliefs they have no right to lay claim to, even AMONG those number are people who will fight ardently for the rights of even those they are in disagreement with. People have the courage to publicly decry intolerance as an evil to be cast out.

Of this, if of nothing else, I am proud.

3 thoughts on “I am a patriot to the human race…

  • I do get where you’re going with that but I’d also like to throw this into the mix – people are entitled to their own opinions. I have a controversial opinion that I don’t talk about because I don’t really feel the need. But if I enter conversation with other people throwing their toys out of the pram to say “you do realise there’s more than one way of looking at this?” I get yelled at like there’s something wrong with me. I only think this opinion. It’s not like I tell other people they’re wrong. or stand on a street corner with a sign saying that everyone that doesn’t agree with me is going to hell. Heck, if you go back 50 years then I’d be considered perfectly normal, but now I’m a freak because I haven’t changed my mind along with the majority of society. But here’s what it comes down to. I’m just expressing what I think. What happened to tolerance of people that don’t agree with you? Isn’t everyone entitled to think what they want – and this is the important bit – if what they think isn’t actually hurting anyone?

  • There are those of us who agree with you and who have spent our careers fighting for the rights and dignity of others. You are not alone.

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