The Slutty Valentine

G took me to dinner yesterday. He ordered me to spread myself and expose myself in public several times during the dinner. This made me feel like his public sextoy…

What he did in the end was amazing… He called the waiter and asked him to take a picture of both of us…

He ordered me to spread while waiter was shooting the photo… The waiter was absolutely stunned, taking the photo and noticing that i had spread my legs under the table..


One more? he asked. Get closer this time… he suggested.

“Certainly” G said, and pulled me closer to him… i felt his hand between my legs pulling my thong aside and exposed my cunt to our photographer… I noticed he lowered the camera this time… and there you go.. see the  photo that he shot next!!

Thank you very much we said…

You are welcome. Happy Valentines he replied.

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