Hey D

The White house at night

Hey D

In every other business venture, you knew when to cut your losses and move on. The Trump Taj Mahal, Trump Steaks, etc. Why is this gig different? You’ve said many times that you are losing money on this presidency and lamented how badly you’ve been treated.

Your name and legacy will always have an asterisk and the history books will not be kind. Don’t let them add “impeachment” and “removal from office” to “lost the popular vote” and “a presidency besieged by controversy.” Get out now while you still have control over the situation. You’re a businessman and this venture is failing. You’ve bounced back before and I’m sure Trump TV will still get viewers even now. Wasn’t that the intended endgame for this playing at politics?

Playing the victim doesn’t look good on you yet it has become your go-to reaction. Take charge of your narrative and resign before the final chapter is written by others.

—- a friend

Image by Rob Young

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