I love cheating

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I love cheating

I love everything about it. I love the lying and the secret messages and sneaking around behind my husband’s back. Nothing else makes me feel so alive. And if the man I am cheating with is married, that makes it even better.

There is just something about starting a new affair that turns me more than anything else. I love my husband and the sex we have is good, but nothing makes me come harder than when I have returned home from a “night out with the girls” and I fuck him with my cunt full of another mans come.

Even the thought of getting caught turns me on, and I have been caught. I cried and told him it meant nothing and I would never do it again.

I don’t think I will ever stop, risking everything only makes it better

4 thoughts on “I love cheating

  • Whilst I’m reserving my judgement on the rest, fucking your husband with a “cunt full of another man’s cum” is risking the spread of STIs. If you’re going to have multiple partners, use protection. You’re not only risking your own health, but your husbands as well. Also if he contracts an STI, you’d only get caught again and have to explain.

  • I Enjoyed The Telling Of Your Story! If Your Cheating: Your Being Careful And Your not Going To Let You Or Your Husband Catch Anything!! Have Fun And Write Your Further Adventures!

  • First of all. This is a dangerous game you’re playing. You’re risking diseases, and you’re treating your own relationship like it’s just a joke. If you’re gonna abuse your privilege of being a wife, make plans on leaving and not getting married ever. That’s how you’ll never do it again.

  • Fucking repulsive attitude to have. Do your husband a favour and let him find someone who’s not a cheating duplicitous whore

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