Would she kick me out?

Grey background with the words, I need advice. For this post will she kick me out?

I am a 41yr old divorced guy living with my married sister…

I’ m obsessed with her walking in on me masturbating.

Would she kick me out if it happened?

I need advice.

3 thoughts on “Would she kick me out?

  • I think the most obvious solution would be to move out, this will not go well if you stay and the scenario discussed does happen. I know as a divorced person that there are certain financial difficulties but better a planned moved than finding yourself kicked out.

  • If you were my brother and you intentionally made me see you masturbating, you’d be out on your ear within the day.
    Fantasies are all well and good, but yours has the potential to make a woman feel uncomfortable in her own home, the very home she was good enough to accept you in to. If you were to try to make your fantasy a reality, it would be a gross violation of not just your sister’s trust, but also her sanctuary.
    If your question had just been ‘is this fantasy wrong’ I’d have said, putting aside the fact that incest is illegal, not entirely. Fantasies are private and you wouldn’t be the first (or last) person to build an incestuous one around a family member who has really stepped up for them.
    But you used the word ‘obsessed’ and that’s always concerning when it’s said in situations involving nonconsent. And that’s what this realised fantasy would be.
    So I would agree with the other replies you’ve received. Get a place of your own so that the object of your fantasy is no longer within easy reach. It’s what’s best for your sister, and your relationship. Cos if you end up letting her catch you at it, she’ll probably boot you out and will be less likely keen about letting you back in.

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