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I’ve recently come out.  Sort of.  Just to one friend.  I’ve been in a straight relationship for 20 years.  The sex has been unsatisfactory (we just don’t fit together properly, if that makes sense).  Ever since I was a child I have wondered if I might be bi.  But I’m not sure whether it is real or whether it is just a fantasy.  Would I go there in real life if presented with the opportunity?
I’ve shared fantasies with this friend.  Fantasies of FFM threesomes.  He wants to arrange it.  I find the thought of it incredibly exciting.  But in the cold light of day would I go through with it?  Do I at least want to find out whether or not I would?  And how would I go about that?  I have never fallen in love with an individual woman.  I am not turned on by the thought of sex with any woman I know.  But a stranger?  Perhaps.
I have read many of the blogs in your Pussy Pride project (and I hope sometime to be brave enough to make my own submission).  I adore all of the descriptions and the photographs.  So many beautiful pussies.  I want to bury my face in them, smell them, taste them, tease them with my tongue, drink in their juices.  I want to caress the accompanying breasts, kiss their owners’ soft lips.  Make their owners cum.  (Even the thought of this makes me wet and throbbing as I type.)
Should I give myself the opportunity to experience that pleasure?  With the risk that it’s all horrendously awkward and wasn’t what I wanted after all?

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  • Entering into an FFM threesome is not something that should be done lightly, as it can dramatically change the dynamic of your primary relationship. You might find it better off to start with dating a girl or exploring that side of your sexuality more before you commit to adding someone in with your friend.
    Sexuality is a very individual thing, so make sure you get what you want and need from experiences on your own before adding other people.

    Have a really honest & frank conversation with your OH/friend before venturing into group activities, guys often love the idea of FFM but in reality they also don’t know what to do or expect (it’s not like porn and everyone has down time, or non participation time, you also need a lot of pre-discussed ground rules).

    Good luck with it all though, but it sounds more like you need to discover some of it on your own first, though.

  • I was like you for many years. Your sexuality is unique to you and deep down you probably know the answers to your own questions.

    Make sure you speak with your partner, let them know how you feel and how you’d like to move it forwards.

    Personally I love FFM threesomes, if you go into them with the right attitude and having lots of discussions with your partner about what you’d like and what you absolutely must avoid, they can be so much fun.

    Good luck and enjoy your new discoveries.

  • When the time is right, when you are alone with her, try a silly little game. She’ll come around. The first time , the game should lead to touch, accidently touching, of closeness.

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