Should I contact her again?

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Can I ask you all a question?

I am a Dom and I met a submissive recently. She was nervous, so I took it slow and made sure everything I did was OK with her.

After a couple hours, she made up some excuse and said she had to be up early the next day and had to go. I then walked her to her car and she left abruptly. I went slow and it seemed, as this was her first time, that she was very nervous, and why she left quickly.

It has been 2 weeks and no contact. Should I tell her I want to she her again, or do you think, by her abrupt exit, that she will not and that it is a lost cause?. Like I said – I made sure she was comfortable with everything we did. Any advise on if I should contact her again would be appreciated. Thx!!

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  • In my opinion, you should have contacted her the next day, to check that she was okay, happy, not dropping. Especially given it was her first time playing and it seemed she left abruptly. That doesn’t sound so great, so I think you blew it there.

    Even putting aside the D/s component and checking in the next day post-play, most women would expect a man who was interested in them to get in touch within a few days if they wanted to see her again. Given she’s submissive, she might not have felt it was her place to contact you. Who knows.

    So now that you’ve left it two weeks, it’s kind of awkward. If she was waiting for a call, she’s probably given up by now. If she wanted to be shot of you, she’s probably relieved.

    So my advice: IF you contact her, do so full of apologies for not being in touch sooner (don’t give excuses), and express your interest. Do better.



    • Thanks for your advice.

      I waited a couple weeks as she left so abruptly. I was concerned she got nervous, so I wanted to give her some space. I hope I did not wait too long.

  • Maybe I’m reading too much into this, but honesty this makes my hair stand on end.

    For a girl to leave abruptly after plying likey means you pushed or crossed a line. She would only be thinking about her safety. The fact that she hasn’t asked to see you again indicates it wasn’t the fireworks experience she was hoping for.

    You should have checked in the next day if she was OK. I’m wondering on some level you knew she wasn’t and you know it was something you did or said. The not checking in with her is just avoidance on your own part to aknowledge your responsibility.

    Yes check on her now, if you hear nothing back DO NOT bother her again.

    But if this was me, a dom taking two weeks to check on me, whether I’m OK or upset over something, is not the kind of person I’d want to see again. So maybe do her a favour, reflect on what happened, learn from it, and leave her alone.

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