Man in panties

Red lace Panties on man

Hi I’m a man who has recently discovered the joy of wearing women’s panties, they feel sexy and perhaps I’m breaking a little taboo of men being able to enjoy silk and lace next to their skin. Should I tell my partner, she is open minded but would she see me as less of a man?

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  • I can only tell you what I think, you know your partner better than me…but hell no, it doesn’t make you less of a man. I personally love a guy in knickers…lace and cock are a wonderful combination.

  • It wouldn’t make me think less of you, if I were your partner. I’d get a kick out of knowing your naughty little secret I think! Plus how can a man who owns the stuff that turns him on somehow be less of a man? You know your partner though – you probably know how she would react. If she likes you to be assertive, then you can assertively tell her to put those panties on you, pull them aside & be a bad girl! Or if she’d respond better to giggles & whispers, do that. You’re her man, after all…

  • While it certainly doesn’t make you less of a man, your desire to pull on lace panties may indeed be feeding into your desire to experience a less masculine part of yourself. Or it could be about the juxtaposition, heightening your sense of masculinity by transgressing it. And only you know which one it is. But I would suggest that you need to be honest with yourself about which way you are pursuing this first, before you tell your partner.

    While we idealize a world in which it’s safe to tell your partner anything, that’s not the world we live in. So it really helps if, should your partner need further information about what you’re getting out of it, you can give him or her a truly honest, open answer.

  • Hi Can I just say thank you to Flip, Silence and Remittance Girl for your kind responses. I approached the subject to my partner and to she told she wasn’t surprised as she had always welcomed my interest in in buying her lingerie. Nothing more was said but to my delight I’ve just come home to find she has bought me some lovely pairs pf panties with a note that she can’t wait to see me wearing them and how turned on by the thought of me trying them on!

  • My wife enjoys seing me in pants/bra/tights/suspenders / apron- not all the time, but around once a month or so – and it seems to be on days when she decides the house needs a thorough cleaning job. Do you think this is a coincidence. ???

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