I don’t trust you

Don't trust thorns on a bush

I don’t trust you

I think you are two faced and quite happy to stab someone else in the back in order to get what you want. I think you are only friends with her because it gives you a way in with him. Maybe that is what I dislike about you the most, that would happily screw another woman over if you thought it would get you closer to him.

I know you fucked him behind your partners back. You think you are clever, discreet, but actually over time the truth is obvious, plain for me to see and I can only assume that others must or will eventually see it too.

Sadly the two people who do not see it are the two you are hurting or going to hurt the most. Do you care? I am not sure you do and certainly don’t think he cares.

So I see you, I know you, and I shall approach with caution because I don’t trust you.



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