I May Be a Submissive, But…

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I’m in a D/s relationship, and I’m the submissive. It’s a role I treasure. Daddy and I seem to work best when he’s the Master and I’m the Kitten, but…

I get really, really turned on by playing the Mommy (or the sister), and having him be the stupid little son or brother who wets his pants. Maybe it’s cause I’ve always had a pee fetish, but when we’re having cybersex and we’re in that scene, I get sooo wet and horny when he “pees” in his pants. There’s something about that scene where he’s being the son or brother and I force him to wet his pants, then humiliate him even more that just drives me crazy. My panties will be dripping.

I mean, yeah, there’s a little Domme in me. But our relationship functions better when I’m the submissive. So why do I crave having those “Domme” moments? Why do they arouse me so much more than the D/s scenes?

I haven’t mentioned this to him yet. Not sure if I should. I don’t want him to think the D/s play is boring. It’s not. But certain scenes get me more aroused than others, and that Mommy/son or Sister/brother scene happens to be one of those oh my god fuck yes scenes.

Maybe I should ask him if we can play that out tomorrow…

2 thoughts on “I May Be a Submissive, But…

  • I love being sub with/for my partner. However he like me being dominating. We take it turns really. After all sex is about exploring all aspects of yourself …. have fun with it !

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