Sexless marriage for years seems like an eternity

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Sexless marriage seems like an eternity

Molly, love your blog, even more your sexy arse. Anyway my dilemma is no sex for 2 years now, I’m incredibly depressed and frustrated. I find my wife’s body incredibly horny. What do I do?

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  • Not a lot of information to go on but my question is, have you talked to her about it? If no, I would recommend talking to her about how you feel. If it’s too hard to do in person you can also type it up and let her read it.
    If you have talked to her about it, have you expressed you finding her body horny? Is it just her body or just her as a person that excites you?

    I’ll continue with some things that may or not apply. But since there’s not a lot of information, there might be something in there for you.
    Make her feel special, no not suddenly come home with some flowers (if you usually don’t) (even though that still can be a nice gesture) but do something nice for her, what you know she likes. Just helping out with something in the household can be a really nice gesture. Show interest in her in a way that she knows you want to fuck. Communicate about your needs and the things you want and get to know what goes through her mind. I can’t imagine going sex less for 2 years without some underlying issues. Unless you maybe are asexual. Something has changed to not have sex, try and find out what it is and how you can fix it (together).

    And if I’ve not said it enough yet: Communicate with her. People are not born mind readers.

  • I know this is not easy but you really do need to be honest with your wife and tell her how you feel. Try not to make that conversation about what she has done wrong but make the focus more positive than that with the emphasis on what you can do together as a couple to make this work for both of you.

    I think it is important to try to find out why she doesn’t want to have sex but again, do not blame her for these problems as you will only make her feel bad about herself and defensive when actually you want her to open up and talk to you.

    Clearly there is an issue and the only way to solve it is to communicate with her openly and to really listen to what she has to say. This is something that can be resolved but only if you do it together otherwise one or other of you will just end up feeling resentful and alienated.

    However if over time it becomes apparent that no solution can be found then you will need to think and again and consider what it is you want to do. Can you stay in this marriage as it is or is no sex a deal breaker, in which case you have a whole different conversation to have with your wife

    Good luck and thank you for the compliment


  • Thanks Rose and Molly for your constructive comment’s . They concur with everything ive tried or are still trying to do. I was a bit breif in my details because of a neurological disability that effects my cognitive ability. This has blighted our relationship for the last 10 years. I may not be the professional degree qualified person she knew all them years ago, but I still have an active libido. I enjoy sex and want to experience more of the ways we can pleasure ourselves together and individually. Im just a newbie and so inexperienced at present. I know I must sort things out with my wife who has issues herself due to sexual abuse when younger. I long for her embrace for our naked bodies to become entangled. I dream of lavishing sweet kisses on her neck and she arch her back as she gasps at the enjoyment from such touches of my lips. I want to remind her then enjoyment there is about her ample breasts. Sucking her nipples till hard and erect, rubbing my hard and fully erect cock between them. I want to lick her belly and make her laugh and giggle. To plunge yet further as the mood takes us moving to her pussy, licking sucking and parting those sweet lips and then inserting my tongue deep within her warm moist hole,rhythmically I flick her clit making her moan and groan with uncomprehensive noise then climax with the words yes yes oh fucking yes. I then turn to her and she crys I can’t I know its over and the torment endures. This has been my experience of marital sex id just like it to be more. I dont resent my wife openly at least maybe deep down I see what you blog about and can only fantasise one day my dreams might come true.

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