Love letters

Lovers statue Gretna Green

I still read all the love letters we sent.

I re live the day I realised I was in love with you.

I imagine what you’re doing now and if you are happy, or just pretending.


I was the best version of me I could ever be, when I was with you.

You will never know all of the ways you nurtured me.

Everything is normal again.

Life sometimes feels plain.



I might have direction if I was even on a path.

I know I am extraordinary, if I could only find that on my own.


You saw the best in me, and loved the worst of me.

I imagine meeting again. Except I will have more lines on my face and my body will have changed.

And you will still see the girl you met and fall in love again.

1 thoughts on “Love letters

  • This is so daunting and beautiful.
    I feel exactly this. I am living a life whilst dreaming of another.
    If only the person I long for were thinking of me too?
    I will never know because I will never see him to ask.
    How can 10 years without his love have failed to dull the pain?

    I hope you and I both find our true loves again.
    However, for now.. Xxx

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