Anything for love…?

There she was. In precisely the position he’d told her to be in; kneeling in the muck and filth on the floor. It had been his idea to meet in a public toilet. This one, he knew to be fairly quiet, but the risk of being caught; arrested even, was very real.

She smiled a slow smile at his footsteps and opened her mouth. The moisture soaking into her stockings from the floor, mirrored the juices dripping from her cunt. She felt dirty. Disgusting. She ached with lust. The smell of his cock filled her nostrils and she lunged. Summoning up as much saliva as she could, she spat on him, then moved her mouth to catch her spit as it dripped from the end.

Grabbing a handful of her flame red hair, he pulled her mouth onto his huge, swollen cock. She took it well, clutching at him and gagging as he forced as much of his dick down her throat as she could take. He pounded her face as tears and spit dripped from her chin. He pulled out and grabbed her chin, forcing her to look at him. She looked like a whore. His whore.

Naked, but for hold ups and heels, mascara and lipstick staining her wet face, she gazed at him, only flinching slightly when his hand struck her cheek. Hard. The smile that lit up her face when he bent his head to her nipple was something to behold. Soft tongue, hard teeth, flesh breaking; only his hand squeezing her throat stopped her screams from rending the air.

He turned her around. He wanted her to greet his guest face to face. Forcing her onto all fours, keeping her steady by her hair, he struck again. A handprint grew from her soft white skin, blooming pink, then red. Her shout was the signal. More footsteps. Sharper than his. He pulled her hair and raised her face. “Open your eyes, Whore.”

She found herself looking at the stilettoed feet of a woman. As she raised her gaze, a long mac dropped to the floor and the woman gained more form. Before she had time to look properly, her face was guided towards the stranger’s smooth, wet cunt. The hand at the back of her head pushed her face forward; nose, lips tongue and teeth all smothered in faceless pussy. As she felt his cock push at her own cunt, she began to suck and lick like she was devouring her last meal.

Inching his cock into what belonged to him, he watched her head bob and swirl. Her cunt swelled and throbbed around him, telling him how much she was enjoying her surprise. He rubbed at her arsehole, massaging then pushing his finger inside. He pressed down and could feel the ridges of his own cock from both sides. Balls tightening, he felt her hips begin to shake beneath his hand. The moans from the blonde lying on the filthy floor were getting louder, his whore trembled on the end of his dick as he plunged in and withdrew again and again. He knew her. He knew she was seconds away. As his own climax began to take hold, he looked and listened for the tensing and moaning that meant her orgasm was imminent.

“Cum for me Whore.”

“Cum for me now, Slut.”

She let go. He let go. They all let go. Grunts, moans and screams bounced off the tiled walls. He pulled out of her spasming cunt while the spunk was still spurting from him and decorated her arse. The blonde rubbed furiously at her clit to prolong her orgasm. The red head shook violently as her body struggled to cope with the waves of pleasure that ripped through it, her face now resting on the floor.

Composure regained, he paid the hooker then bent down to look at his handiwork. He tucked a lock of hair behind her ear and traced his fingers along her upwardly sloping back. Her splattered arse was still in the air, spunk oozing from her cunt lips. When she could move, she sat on the filth strewn floor and grinned at him like a Cheshire Cat. Another rose for the garden of her deliciously debauched memories.

Anything for love

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