It might make you mad, but by the end you will be crying.

It is time to let the light in. I have been living in the closet, afraid and scared to come out for as long as I can remember. Now, I can speak the truth at last. I can take my place in the world proud of who and what I am, and it is all because of one book. 50 Shades of Grey. When I first heard of this book and what it was about I, like many of you scoffed. Surely it must portray BDSM like I have read about it on so many social networks, as a consent driven relationship of equals where one party of their own informed, studied mind has submitted to another. After all, I had spent so long reading those words and trying to change who and what I am to conform to those ideals.

But then I read it. Wow, here it was finally. BDSM practiced as I knew in my heart of hearts as it was meant to be practiced! Full of characters that echoed the desires that I had. That lived the kind of life that I lead.

I, am Christian Grey.

That is not my name of course, but he and I share so much that we seem to be twins. He and I are rich and handsome. Clothes hang from us just the way they were meant to. We are captains of industry and masters of all we survey. Even our sexual history shares so much, the abuse that forms my desires and excuses my every action, the yearning to find the woman that can save us from ourselves. The ability to bring virginal young women to multiple orgasms with a wave of my hand, the similarities are truly astonishing. So much truth in every page of this book that in the end I came to understand that this book was brave and bold  enough to stand up for how BDSM was meant to be, that BDSM is only truly practiced by the rich, young, handsome and powerful.

So now, now that I have seen the light, I plan to step out of the shadows. No longer ashamed of how I live, I will stalk those who take my fancy. I will buy affection and submission from those that I desire.  I will put then through long contract negotiations that only benefit me and finally, put them in my very expensive red room of pain. For I have found the truth; I can do whatever I want, because I have the power to do so!


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