I hate my body

anonymous image of breasts

I have a beautiful face but my body is so ugly. I can’t stand looking in a mirror. I hate my breasts. I don’t want to get out of bed each morning because I am so depressed and I’ve tried many meds. I don’t think there is a man that would ever get aroused by looking at my nude body!

anonymous image of breasts

6 thoughts on “I hate my body

  • Did you post the wrong picture with this? Because those are some very pretty breasts!

    To anonymous: you are as beautiful as you decide you are. There will always be others that you can compare yourself to and decide that they are more beautiful/smarter/more attractive than you, but: make your reality that you are uniquely perfectly beautiful, and others will follow. If you believe in your own sexiness, there will be no shortage of people who find your breasts/body/mind/personality attractive and arousing.

  • You my dear have incredible breasts. I would love to cup them in my hands and tease your nipples with my thumbs, building them to rock hard nubs. Then I’d bend down and start to lick your right breast before sucking your nipple into my mouth while teasing it with my tongue …..

  • Re I hate my body. I hate mine to or did. Reason overweight, saggy 65 year old breasts that no man could love. A little girl vagina and small clit. Men who want to go down on a woman want a big clit and not uneven lips. The want the inner lips to stick out a little from between the outer lips. Someone one told me I had a beautiful pussy, that my clit was OK and he liked my little girl vagina. Plus he liked my big saggy breasts. Also said I was a good lover. So I guess my body isn’t so bad after all.

  • I got aroused! I could play with your boobs all day and I’d keep your pussy overflowing with cum at all times!!!!!!!!

  • Hello
    I do not have a perfect body! SEA someone who has? I conquer and seduce with my look and my actions and words, and I can guarantee that abound in my bed women and some men, too.
    I’m a bisexual 30 years, but give preference to have sex with women and whenever I do well, because I think people want more caring attitude and gorgeous bodies, but they often are very bad for sex.
    I’m sexually active since she was 13 years old and am quite happy

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