Goodbye Again!

Life is funny, we are met with things, people, situations and at the time all we can do is make the best decision at that time.

I don’t regret meeting you, falling in love with you, driving miles to see you see, staying up late to talk to you and I don’t regret ending it.

You’ve been in my mind constantly since the day I said goodbye but it is funny how we only remember the good things.  So on request of my friend I’m writing it all down in order to put a big full stop.

I’ve made some mistakes of past.  I contacted you recently and I shouldn’t of done.  I genuinely wanted to see how you were but I wasn’t expecting us to chat and pick things up as before.  We thought we could be friends but just too soon.  Then your life crossed mine again through the girl your seeing now turning up on my Twitter.  I should of just left it, your response made me angry and it is just like you won’t disappear.  A bad penny. I told you because I was worried that you might think I was behaving like you did in the past.

Our lives are on different paths, I know you are making changes and things are good.  I’m pleased, that is all I’ve wanted is for you to be happy.

I can’t write down all the bad stuff, there doesn’t seem any point raking it all up.  We both know the mistakes we made. It has been nearly a year, I still think of you but I think all that hurt that I buried has come back. Now I’m accepting what happened, I forgive you.  It is time to say a final goodbye.

I wish you well.

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