This is my goodbye

It was an interesting two years of my life just spent. I learned much, loved some and hurt more than I cared too. I met some very amazing people and figured out a thing or two about myself and what I really want out of my life. It was truly a roller coaster ride and hellafun at that. But now it is time to take the lessons learned and move on. I have become nothing more than a memory to those who touched my life and whose lives I touched. It is with joy and a feeling of great relief that I relinquish the girl I thought was and embrace the woman I have been called to be.

To the One who most affected my journey, who was the hardest to let go of… You will never be forgotten. You’re impact on my life will always be. You looked deep into my dark side and pulled from me the demons, settled them and brought my restless spirit into submission. You gave me an experience I will always treasure. I am sure that for a long time You will occasionally stroll through my thoughts. Without doubt a wistful grin will lift the corners of my lips and a sigh will be felt in my soul. I will remember Your words, Your thoughts, Your presence in my life. I thank You for the friendship, for the caring, the direction and the honesty. Thank You for being there for me in what were probably several of the darkest months of my life.

Life brings me to a different path now and appears to be going well for you too, which makes me smile. I wish only the best for Your life and hope that occasionally I will wander through Your thoughts as well. You will find the records of us gone, the secret places removed… nothing more than memories. Thank You for them.

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  • Sometimes recognising the need for goodbye is the greatest thing that can come of a friendship or a relationship. Life is transient, with many people weaving in and weaving out again, all serving a purpose, to impact your life in a different way, be it for better or worse. Lessons are always learnt. Memories are always formed. These things help us grow as individuals and teach us so much about ourselves and the strong stuff we’re made of.

    Letting someone go is one of the bravest, yet hardest things to do. I’ve let go of friends and lovers, not because I’ve wanted to, but because it was necessary to allow us all to flourish. Sometimes these relationships, these interactions, sometimes they just no longer work and they can become destructive to ones sense of self. I’ll try not to promote selfishness, but recognising what’s best for you is imperative. Seek it out and go for it. Be your own best friend.

    This piece is a very touching piece. There’s no bitterness or malice in your words. Clearly someone has touched your life deeply and I’m willing to bet you’ve touched theirs in much the same vein. Be proud of that experience for it takes real strength to recognise, cherish and let go.

    Wishing you all the best.

    Liv x

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