The Old Me

I miss the old me. The fun-loving, playful girl that people wanted to be around. Popular, exciting, loved. The girl who was in love. The girl that loved her life.

She left a while ago. I can’t pinpoint exactly when or where, but she’s gone now.

What’s left in her place is just a shell.

The shell is fine, and cracked. You can almost see through, almost. Not quite.

Inside is filled with loneliness, sadness at what once was but no longer is.

Too sad to leave. To frightened to start afresh.


Dreaming of something better, stuck in a life she doesn’t want anymore.

I miss the old me, she would know what to do.

She would be unafraid, would know no fear.

But the old me is gone.

I hope she comes back, one day.

4 thoughts on “The Old Me

  • I feel like I am reading about myself, 6 months ago.
    She will come back. You need to find her, do what you can to get back there. See a doctor, take a break, whatever you need to do.

    Look back at old photos and remember the old you and smile about the fun times to remind you. The days you wake up feeling good, dress up and do your hair an make up and take a picture. Go out for a walk every morning, force yourself, trust me it helps. Find those little things that make you feel good and do them, even if that’s giving yourself a big hug in a duvet because no one else is around.

    She will come back, you won’t stay this way forever. I know it may feel that way now, but just telling yourself you won’t be this way forever helps, you will start to believe it. Trust me, I have been there. It will feel like a long time, but it’s not forever.

    Mia x

  • I know exactly how you feel. I could have written this… Word for word :(. I hope you find your fun and fearlessness again… I’m afraid mine may be lost forever, but I certainly hope it’s not. *hugs*

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