I spend my days in isolation longing for things that are just not a reality in my world. I wish I could happen upon a playmate to fill my time. A strong, dominant man who understood my situation, who respected my real life limitations but who would take from me when time permitted. Someone who would take the time to understand my needs, who would thrill in pushing my limits and pulling from my defiant depths the submissive slumbering fitfully in my soul. A firm Master who would see through my bullshit and call me out on it, punish me for it when needed. A creative, sadistic soul who would delight in finding ways over the miles to create a headspace that could never be denied Him. Someone who thrilled in owning me as much I would thrill at belonging to Him.

I miss serving, I miss being instructed, praised, tasked. I miss the strength of a man who wouldn’t allow me to win when I am feisty. A man who doesn’t let my brat run the show. I miss having a powerful Dom in my life.

Perhaps one day He will stride purposefully and powerfully into my life and reaching for me, with full confidence of my servitude, find me ready to fall at His feet.

Perhaps… someday…

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