Who Needs 50 Shades Of Grey When You Can Have 50 Shades Of Colour

I had to share this with people… It was just too good to be true…

One of my best guy friends was talking to me last night while I was lying in bed.. I’ve been unwell and haven’t had much contact with said friend as his girlfriend is the jealous type and she keeps crooning on and on about wanting Christian Grey & it was beginning to really piss us both off.. especially him because He and I know that he is a lot darker than Mr Grey.. but he will only go into that with a willing partner.. anyway.. onto the rest of this story…

This morning she comes running to me – by running I mean hitting up my phone unti I answer it… so I pick up and she’s all like in tears and going

“Oh my God Kitty* J went all Chrsitian Grey on my ass last night…” I sigh, laugh a throaty ill laugh that I can just about manage because it hurts and replied with “Girl.. you kept sayin’ how you wanted a Christian Grey.. so you finally got one.. I told you and told you you couldn’t handle that shit.. you have no idea” her reply: “But but.. he was just so… so…” me: *rolls eyes* “don’t ask for something you can’t handle.” She has now decided to not bother reading any more 50 shades and has shut up about wantin a Christian Grey… & my best guy friend for life loved that I wasn’t one bit shocked or offended by his actions on his gf.. lol.. If only they really knew!


oh well he is my own 50 shades.. 50 shades of colour that is 😉




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