10th May 2012

It is a symbol of the Dom/sub lifestyle that is so intrinsic but outsiders often react quite strongly to it.  I have found that each sub has their own reaction to their collar but there are common themes, this is my perspective.

When my Sir puts my collar on, there is sense of relief, that I no longer have to carry on living this life where I am in control and together all of the time.  He is the one who I have chosen to give my power to, and I have been supremely careful whom I chose.  The psychological shift is palpable and delicious and I feel the physical sensation of the weight lifting off my shoulders.

When he approaches me with my collar, I know he has been thinking about me, I know that he has been desiring me sexually.  There is no question of does he fancy me?  Does he want me?  The act of getting the collar, or putting the collar on me, means that I know, there is no ambiguity.  I know that whatever happens next it will be something that I will enjoy.  The next few moment, minutes or hours will pleasurable and be selected from a whole menu of all the things that we have discussed.  We have spent hours and hours talking, discussing, checking things out with each other, going back and revising things that don’t work; so when my collar goes on there is a delicious smile that slides over my face.

Certainly it is a sign of my submission, but that’s almost not the point (or at least it is another blog post).  The point is there is a thrill that courses through me when he gets my collar, he has thought about me, he loves me and getting the collar is an act and sign of his love for me.  Then it’s play time….

3 thoughts on “Collar

  • What a beautiful piece of writing. Thank you for sharing. It makes me long for a collar even more.

  • Such a beautiful piece, and something I can relate to. When I feel the collar around my neck, I at last can let go of all control. A wonderful feeling 🙂
    Thanks for sharing.

  • I was given a delicate gold bracelet at Christmas and was told ‘you are Mine’ when He secured it around my wrist. It is a lovely constant reminder of who I belong to. ;o)

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