Missing Him

It’s been a long time now since I’ve called him Sir. It’s been a while since we’ve even really talked. The ache ebbs and flows but mostly the longing has settled into a soft sadness in my soul. I still see Him around the internet spaces and my heart smiles a little when I do. I miss Him less every day but I still miss Him at least a little every day. He still occupies a little piece of me. I will always belong to Him. He hasn’t given me a direction in almost six months, but if He were to do it today, I would fall at His feet and obey… without question.

1 thoughts on “Missing Him

  • I can’t remember who said this (and I’m seriously paraphrasing)… but this is something I often think of at times of heartache, and I think your piece really sums it up. It goes something like this…

    When you have your heart broken it feels like your entire heart is cracked in two. Those cracks, those breaks, they are deep and they never truly heal. But… over time, as we move on, we realise the crack is smaller than we first thought, that our hearts are much bigger, able to take much more, and love much more, and those cracks are really just marks of past loves.

    I’m not offering advice or anything; I think what you wrote simply reflects what I’ve written. I just thought I’d share that, because it seems to me you are in a very natural, healthy, if sad place. And we all know how it feels.

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