Should I Forgive?

I’m sat here heart broken…

I haven’t spoken to Him now for nearly a month. I log in regularly on my facebook via my phone and check emails, skype messages and calls even while being this sick I’ve done it but this afternoon I logged into facebook and what do I find. He is on a holiday – a lads holiday… I got no word.. nothing.. so I’m supposed to just sit here like a good little subby and let him walk all over me?

Or do I have it out with him. I don’t want to waste these 2 years together .. I really don’t but I’m stuck. What do I do!?



3 thoughts on “Should I Forgive?

  • No matter how submissive you are, this is life and you are a human being. Contact him! Call him on the bullshit. Submission is something you GIVE. It’s not something he should be able to use in order to walk all over you. You have to take a little power and decide whether to give it back.

  • What I will say is very simple – sub you may be, but doormat you should never be.

    I do not know the details of your situation or your relationship, however, a Dom/Domme’s role is to ensure the safety and happiness of their sub. Something is clearly amiss here, if you are, as you appear to be from your blog, so very unhappy.

    I would suggest a discussion as to what is happening is in order when he returns.

    ~Mia~ xx

  • You try your damnedest to get over him and move on to greener pastures. No, it isn’t going to be easy, but you need to respect yourself first.

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