I am at such a weird place in my life. I feel like my whole life is pointless. Nothing I do makes a difference in this world. Nothing I do lasts. Everything I put my hand to fails and where I used to believe I could conquer the world, I now feel like every day is just another day in a pointless existence. I was happy once. A really happy, bubbly, giggly girl. But lately I’m not sure who I am anymore but bubbly and happy and giggly just don’t seem to fit anymore.

I am very worried about me.

4 thoughts on “Pointless

  • I’m totally the same.. don’t worry it will pick up.. i hope.. just remember you have a great support group in your friends <3

  • We all go through low spots. Spots where it seems like nothing matters. Sometimes some of us go through those low spots every single day. Sometimes they last for a long time. But it always gets better. *hugs* Hang in there.

  • I used to feel like that too. It’s called depression. It’s a real illness that needs treatment. For me, meds have worked wonders, having pulled me out of my hole far enough for me to be able to help myself. Dont be afraid to ask for help from your doctor and those around you. Many hugs for you xxxxx

  • Seconding Imogen here. I’ve been there and life is too short to spend any minute of it that unhappy. You should find a therapist and seek to potentially medicate. You will be so thankful you did!

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