My Master’s Pearls

We were a month or two into the most intense relationship I had ever been in. When He told me He would take control of my pleasure, that my mind would belong to Him, I thrilled at the thought but honestly had no idea of the depths to which He would take me.

He had been talking about pearls for days. How they could be used alone or as a toy for mutual play when we had an opportunity to play next. I found myself so wet at the thought of the pearls slipping around inside my wet pussy. He said they bite a bit and would make me feel full, that He would add His fingers and His cock to the fullness, that without question, I would be plugged as well, that He would thrill in knowing they were pinching me just so inside. He told me that if I owned a set of pearls He would have me stuff them inside of my cunt while I carried on doing my normal day-to-day activities one day. That there would be only edging, no cumming and lots and lots of walking around. That he would have me remove them slowly at the end of the day, letting the juices they created drip onto my fingers and that He would have me lick them clean, that He might even let me use them to bring myself to an orgasm… might.

I tingled for hours at the thoughts His words left in my head. I ordered the pearls that night. I couldn’t wait to tell Him.

My pearls arrived yesterday. I was hoping He would let me play with them sooner than later and He did not disappoint (He is very good to me)… As soon as He knew I had them, I was instructed to put them all inside. Took a little practice to figure out how to do it and they kept pinching the tender skin but not in an unpleasant way, just enough to give me a seconds pause and adjust the method of putting them in.

At first all I could feel was a fullness but when I started walking around it became very clear why this is a desired activity with a strand of pearls. I could feel them tickling the walls and gyrating against my g-spot. Sitting down, they roll with every movement but mostly it was a feeling of being filled up.

At His instructions I was to get up and walk around so I went to get breakfast and ohhhh wow… there is no displeasure or discomfort at all it is all pleasant rolling sensations. I could feel the wetness leak onto the lace of my panties. Between the pearls and the lace bra rubbing against my nipples I knew I was in for a long day… in the most pleasurable way, of course…

It was easily the most pleasant torture ever. I wanted to reach down and play with them. They were rolling all over — it was just enough movement to tease me into dripping wetness, like butterfly soft kisses on my clit — teasing, wonderful gentleness that had my hips bucking and my mind fuzzy, and my body begging for a more concentrated kissing, stroking of the tongue…

I received instructions to take 5 minutes to play with them. The movement of them inside begged for attention. He said to tease myself with them, taking them out slowly… There were no words only contented sounds and sighs at being given those directions. After taking my skirt and panties off, I sat on the edge of the bed and started to pull the strand out. There was an audible wetness and several drops fell onto the floor as I slid them out slowly. I could feel them pinching and biting as they rolled over each other and the musky smell of my cunt filled the air.

It was fascinating how covered in my cream they were. Wasn’t really juices, but the thicker slick white creamy stuff I love so much. It slicked over my fingers and over my clit as I ran the smooth beads over that tender spot, using them to quickly find the edge He so likes me on.

At the end of my five minutes before I put them back in, but I couldn’t resist a little taste.

It was a little tricky to get them all back inside. I suppose it was a little more swollen than it was that morning. One sharp bite caused me to suck in my breath and slow down a little. After getting them back in it was time for lunch.

Waiting for my lunch to heat up in the microwave I found myself wiggling my hips, encouraging their movement, revelling in the teasing sensations and stilling myself as I got close to the edge.

After lunch came the direction to insert my plug until further directions were given.

It took a little longer to get the plug in because I had to still myself after each little bump on the plug to keep from cumming. I actually felt a droplet slide down my thigh as I slid the bumpy little plug into place.  Finally it was in and immediately I could feel a difference as my pussy was forced tighter around the pearls. They were biting more now and rubbing my g-spot with more force, not so much butterfly kisses on that tender place now… it feels amazing but I am already fuzzy headed and distracted with the need to cum and the effort not too.

He edged me several times as the afternoon passed into evening and it wasn’t until our good night phone call that He allowed me to cum. With His voice in my ear, giving me the directions. Strip. Blindfold myself. Lie down. With my knees up and spread wide I was instructed to slowly remove them again, pulling them up between my lips and running them over my swollen clit. Breathlessly I asked for permission to cum. He denied me, further instructing me to roll them over my clit and to pinch my nipple with my other hand. His voice in my ear and the beads slipping out brought me again to the edge. I asked again, again He denied me, instructing me to slide my fingers into my cunt with the pearls inside. I felt them rub gently against my swollen bundle of nerves deep within the very core of me and I begged, shaking with the effort to hold back. I begged to cum, “Please Sir… please please please may I cum… please ohhh please” every word escaping on a breath, carried on a moan.

His voice carried the words I desperately wanted to hear. Cum for me. I came in gushing waves of ecstasy, wave after wave washing over me as His voice filled my ears with the torment He would be bringing using His pearls the next time we were together. There was no stopping. As each wave ebbed and my ragged breath began to slow He would command me to cum again and I did. Finally after countless denials and countless orgasms He instructed me to still myself. To lick the shiny little beads of the pearls clean while we finished our good nights.

With tremors still washing over me, I fell asleep to the sound of His voice in my ear. What delicious dreams I had that night.

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