This is Where it Begins…

Man standing on the beach looking out to sea

I have always been Anon to them. That is ok. I do not require the lost to find me. For I am found. I have come to a 4 way stop now, the only way is up and out. My life is simply not my own, nor is yours ….your life. Did you create you? It is an unsolved Mystery…for now.

I have two beautiful Daughters whom I and this unknown woman conceived, but did not plan nor design. We did not shape their souls, we did not choose their hair or eye color, yet we claim all the mysterious glory of how two lost bodies and one lost soul quickened to selfish lust could create Life.

An inconvenient Light in the Dark, these souls were sent from the Guft, the keep of all souls. They chose us, and I truly love this mysterious and passing Woman for choosing to keep the souls, sent from the Keeper.

I do not need to know the future, my blood goes on, flows in their veins, I shine, where they shine. No distance can separate me from them, they are my heart in motion and She, the unknown Woman, I dare not ask for her hand, for I do not want it… she must be free, to be touched and pleasured by many hands, many men and that is her freedom.

What is freely received must be freely given, I am satisfied as a creator of new life. Our girls will blossom as She fades, let her learn from the falling of the leaves and may She embrace the seasons of her change for what She has sewn. She shall reap in mystery, I pray she reaches beyond her flesh, for time hath caged your flesh, we are spirit in the storm and now the storm rages, pleasure of the flesh will Fade now….become Soul, rise….

J…. Ha Ruach Ha Kodesh

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