You don’t notice

Face sculpure with empty eyes, notice

You don’t notice

You say you love me, but everyday you hurt my heart.

You don’t notice that I cry myself to sleep each night, and awaken the same way.

Or perhaps you do notice and just don’t care.

That is the worst cut of all.

5 thoughts on “You don’t notice

  • First of all big hugs to you, whoever you are. Secondly and I know this is very easy for me to write and much harder for you to do but living with the silence of your hurt will only serve to make it a 1000 times worse. I really think you should try talking to your partner about how you feel. Hopefully it will help you both to fix things and if not maybe it will help you decide if this is a relationship that you want to stay in, or not.


  • I finally had the courage after an unhappy year to speak my concerns, my heart…and we’ve grown stronger, tighter than ever before. 7 years of relationship because I was able to face my own fears and lay them at his feet. It isn’t always the right path, sometimes the right path is to begin again (so much easier said than done, I can hear your heart crying in your words). Peace, anon. I wish you peace.

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