Never Forgetting

Silhouette figure of man

It’s odd to think that one day I might show you this, though it’s likely I won’t. I don’t want to make you sad. I don’t ever want you to think it was your fault because you had nothing to do with it. But one day you might want to know and if you ask, I’ll tell you.

But right now I miss you terribly. Each time you leave, I fall apart. Fridays are the hardest days. Every time I don’t know where you are or who you’re with or if you’re happy, I feel lost. I feel alone and afraid and I hope I’m feeling enough of those emotions so you don’t have to. I keep strong for you but I know it’s healthy to show you the more unpleasant parts of life so you know it’s okay, so you know we can make it through. Nothing can stop you. You can do anything.

Soon enough, when we are apart, you will be able to call. Or text. Or email. Maybe you will call my mother and make her day – I think you will. You’re that kind of person. You’re loving and you’re kind and you’re gentle. But you’ve been through more than you should have. I only hope that it makes you stronger and a fighter. Just never lose your sensitivity. It is the thing that connects us – binds us together so tightly.

I know you. You know me.

I will keep waiting for the day when you leave me and we can still talk easily. I can call you and wish you goodnight. You can call me and tell me how you scraped your arm.

Until then let’s keep on keeping on.

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