I love you.

I love you.

I have told you this, just once. You told me, too.

We cannot be together. I understand this, I know. I get it. I agree.

But I love you.

You changed me in ways I never believed I could be changed.  You challenged me when others nodded and agreed.  You forced me to look at myself, really look at myself.  You broke down my barriers easily, showing me in every word and action that I could trust you implicitly. I never had to second guess you. I never doubted you, not even for a second.  You have changed my life in ways I’ll never tell you, because you hate all that soppy stuff, but it’s true.

You told me all the time, “I’m just a guy. I’m nothing special.”

Maybe not. You *are* just a guy.

But you are special to me, and I will never forget what we had.  I will never forget how you made me feel.

Thank you. 

5 thoughts on “I love you.

  • This made me sad. I have been there. Still think about it from time to time. But, you will find another love that you can have. Best of luck & Hugs!

  • I can relate to this and know how it feels to want to say so much more but he doesn’t want to hear it! Like you the man in question in my life changed things for me. Sometimes we need that someone to bring us out of ourselves, thank you for sharing xxx

  • this made me sad as well……… sadly I too have been there…… you will go on, grow, change, meet others. I will not promise you will find this love again~ you will not, but you will find love, other lovers and loves……..
    bless you and keep you !

  • I could have written every word of this post… well, almost. We never exchanged the words I love you. But everything else was just this way for me. He changed my life, the way I see things, the way I see myself, I just wish sometimes that we had met at a different time… perhaps what we had would not have been so short lived. Maybe, or maybe I am seeing what could have been through the rose colored glasses I can never seem to take off when it comes to Him.

  • love to say I love this site it bring us closer together and I’m all for that keep it up your fan joanne x

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