The should

I haven’t been to see a doctor for 22 years.

I should go and see a doctor.

Not that there’s anything wrong with me; I should just check.

And find out what my blood type is.

Someone close to me was just diagnosed with breast cancer.

Makes you think.

And maybe a psychiatrist.

He wants me to talk to someone.

Not that I talk to him much any more.

Mostly because he wants me to talk to someone.


Somewhat paradoxically I can’t go and see a doctor or a psychiatrist because I am in too weak a state to hear what they’d tell me. Which, I suppose, means I know what they’d tell me.

Day by day then.

Day by day.

1 thoughts on “The should

  • *sits and absorbs what you have just said*


    *reaches out my fingertips to touch you…if you want to*

    Powerful stuff, thank you for sharing xx

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