Another chapter ends in tears.
Why do people like me? Sometimes I wish they didn’t. I never wanted to hurt anyone, least of all me. I didn’t know this would happen. I didn’t want it. I didn’t want you to like me. I just wanted all the hot sex.
We can pretend but in the end it’s obvious.
You couldn’t give me everything so even with you there was still a gap. A gap you created. I was better off before and now I blame you. You knew and you did it anyway.
I knew and I did it anyway.
You took me to this place, you broke down my boundaries when I didn’t want you to, because I knew I would be left bare and alone in the end.
My collar is in my bag going home with me instead of staying with you. I took it with me when I left. I didn’t need to ask and you didn’t say anything.
Silently crying on the train. Feeling numb, not even hungry. Adele I don’t need you right now.
I’ll be in my socks and unsexy pyjamas. I don’t feel like being pretty anymore. In the words of Bridget Jones: All by myself.
For now but not forever.
Don’t miss me.

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