It’s only a mind fuck…

When you have a crush on someone but you’re married and you can’t tell a soul.

But I wouldn’t leave him, not my husband… I love him.

…. and now I can see how people can love more than one person at the same time.

Oh but its messy and makes me feel both glorious and like a whore.

…. and its only online….

How tragic ……

3 thoughts on “It’s only a mind fuck…

  • Oh this hits home for me..
    I’ve been there, and oh yes, it does make you feel so wonderful and so terrible at the same time.

    xoxo Jana

  • I love love love love when this happens. I have been there as well and enjoyed every moment of the delicious naughtiness. Even though it eventually ended, it was simply amazing while it was happening and I wouldn’t have changed a thing.

  • Oh wow ~ this is my life right now!! Other than I have stepped over that line~ it is not only a mindfuck anymore…. we have met, we are meeting again…

    It is true… feeling so happy, then feeling so wrong..

    I love my husband, the thought of leaving or my marriage ending terrifies me…… but…….oh yes the but…….
    the exhilaration I feel , the desire inside of me , the fact that I await his messages so that I can do what he asks of me………….

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