Our adventure…

Last Saturday we decided to go clubbing… A new amazing club close to where we live that was really crowded…

night club lights

I had got really sexy dressed according to his orders.
G and I danced a lot and he was grabbing my ass while dancing… whispering naughty words in my ear which made me wet… At some point he went to have a drink and told me he would be back in a few minutes…
As I was left alone dancing, two guys approached me and we started dancing together… They were really aggressive and pushed their bodies towards mine, but I decided to go with the flow and enjoy it… In the end I ended up being sandwiched by the two guys! I felt hands on my ass and my tight black dress was lifted to the limit where it was obvious that I was pantyless. What I did not know was that G had returned and watching me from the distance as I was acting like a slut with the guys… He also took his cellphone out and got a few snapshots:

sexy dancing in a night clubn dancing

sexy dancing in a night club
sexy legs in night club
slut sadnwich
bodies in a night club
hands on girl in night club

sexy dancing in a night club

When I stopped returned to him he called me a public manhandled whore.
“Did you enjoy allowing those guys to manhandle you slut? Did they feel your wetness? Maybe you should go find them and make them fuck you like a dog. For what you did, I will take you to a cheap sex-hotel to fuck you like a filthy whore “, G said.

We left and headed to a xxx hotel nearby… G got some restrains from our car and hid them in his coat… When we got to the room he stripped me naked and tied me legs spread to the poles of the bed. I was wet and excited… Then what he did was so humiliating for me… He called room service and ordered a glass of white wine. When the waiter came, he opened the door… and asked him to bring the wine and leave it on the bedside table next to me!!! I was so embarrassed and humiliated… he was also amazed… he was trying to avoid eye contact with me and whispered a “Good evening Miss” that made me feel even more humiliated.
You can see how close he left the bottle to me:

tied to bed in hotel for room service to see

I was trying to look the other way and the G told him in front of me: “If she is good, I will leave her like that so you can use her too”!
My pussy was aching! He just smiled and said: “Why not Sir? She seems like a good slut to use” and then left…

I was then used so hard by G that after a while I was screaming like a fuckslut. I got penetrated, manhandled groped , spat at, and was not allowed to cum. I still am not allowed to cum since Saturday, as part of my punishment. I am fingering my cunt all day long in the office and at home… Do I deserve such a punishment? Did I act so slutty? I want to cum hard now!!! Even in the thought of reading your dirty comments makes me wanna scream!

tied to bed


4 thoughts on “Our adventure…

  • Oh my god this is absolutely brilliant!! You dirty little thing! I laughed at the thought of someone just leaving the wine there!
    Wow, bravo. I hope you get to cum soon, you totally deserve it for sharing this amazing night with us!
    The pictures are just wow!
    Mia xx

  • Wow! I’m horny just reading this so I can’t imagine what it was like for you. Thank you for sharing and I love the pictures. I’ll admit to staring a little too long at the last two. 😉 xxx

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