Little Man

I wondered what I was doing as I ordered the coffees. Something new, that was for sure. Acting out a fantasy I’d only ever indulged ‘online’ before. ‘Online’, where other people are little more than autonomous imaginary friends – AIs if you like. But this isn’t cyberspace, it’s the real world and I did not know exactly what I was doing.

I ordered two coffees. Downstairs was busy. Mostly women, just two guys. That made it easier and he caught my eye quickly. I didn’t know his name and I hadn’t seen his face. But I knew he was younger, stronger and more the man than me where it counts. I sat opposite him not really knowing what I was supposed to do or say. He addressed me as ‘Little Man’ so I spread my legs wide giving him the clearest possible view of the imperceptible tent in my crotch.

He spoke to me. Telling me that he had never before known a man with so very little between his legs. I had to nod and agree and say “you’re right, I’m pathetic”. Unsure if the next table was hearing this. But I couldn’t deny it because he knew it was true. Then he put his foot up on the bench between my legs and pressed forward with the toe of his shoe. Pressing directly down onto my balls. It surprised me, and hurt just a little. I tried not to shy away because this is why I was here. To let this superior man show me how worthless I am. Even if others could see and knew, he was calling the shots. I had to obey and trust in him. Trust him to control the situation. To control me. I was so very scared, but somehow I knew if I obeyed him he would protect his little man. That’s when I felt his knee against my crotch. Teasing my erection. Taking me to the edge. I came to my senses thinking “whoah, this can’t happen. I can let a man bring me to completion sat in the basement of a London coffee shop. That’s madness”. Then he told me that if he wanted he could make me take my exceptionally small penis out of my pants and put it on display for all to see. At that point I was incredibly hard. He reached into my crotch with finger and thumb and tried his damnedest to find my nob. Then he took my hand and placed it on his crotch. I could feel an amazingly thick tube of flesh beneath the rough jeans material. Moving my whole hand down along its length eventually to find the head resting just above his seat. I was in awe. He was a long way from hard, and he was much more than a handful. I sat back and gave my self over to his wondering fingers.

I let myself be manipulated by his finger and thumb until I spoiled my pants. I let him bring me off knowing I would have to ride home in my own sticky mess. Not because I needed it, but because he wanted to do that to me. And if he wanted me to cum, then that is what I would do. Because he is the more powerful man and in his company I am his toy. If it amuses him to make his little man mess his pants then that is how it will be.

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